Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Are you the quitting kind?

Quote of the day:
"Our hearts grow tender with childhood memories and love of kindred, and we are better throughout the year for having, in spirit, become a child again at Christmas -time."
                                           ~ Laura Ingalls Wilder


  Title: Not the Quitting Kind
  Author:  Sarra J. Roth
  Illustrator:  Tracy Bishop
  Ages:  4-8
  Release date:  February 2014

This fabulous rhyming book is a winner for sure.  It is the debut book for both author and illustrator and the pair make a stunning entrance into the world of children's picture books.  The little girl who is the main character is adorable.  Her expressions and antics will warm your heart.

"I've been trying out some hobbies,
a few things here and there.
But how come no one warned me
that "first"-timers should beware!"

The different hobbies she tries, such as popping wheelies on her new bike,  trying to balance on her toes in ballet class and learning self-defence with karate all make her feel like a failure because she is not able to ace them right away.  She is frustrated and feeling very bad about herself and ready to give up.  Then enter "mom the encourager".  They take a walk together and mom lovingly tells her to hang in, to not succumb so easily, and to work things through, which might take her some time.

This inspirational tale will touch the heart of every child (and adult too) who has ever felt like throwing in the towel and declaring themselves unfit and unable to accomplish something new.  The story has a very happy ending but the big lesson she learns is with perseverance and confidence you can succeed and feel a warm sense of pride and fulfilment because you did not call it quits.

About the author:

Sarra J. Roth, raised in Rockville Centre, New York, is a former elementary school art teacher with a passion for encouraging confidence, perseverance, and strength in her readers. Sarra’s inspiration for her stories comes from her years as a devoted teacher, aunt, and mother of two beautiful sons. Not the Quitting Kind is Sarra’s debut picture book.


About the illustrator:

Hello! My name is Tracy Bishop and I am a children’s book illustrator working in San Jose, CA.
I grew up on an U.S. Army base just outside of Tokyo, Japan. From an early age, I fell in love with drawing and telling stories through pictures.
I attended San Jose State University and graduated with a degree graphic design with a concentration in illustration/animation. For the next decade I worked as a graphic and web designer. In 2010, I left the design job at a children’s museum to focus full-time on illustration.
You can now find me working from home in San Jose, CA. My inspirations are my son, husband, and a hairy dog named Harry.

Book Review Rating:   8 (Fantastic!)

        Read on and read always!  Have an excellent day everyone!


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