Monday, December 9, 2013

Today I am a Princess! - a book review

"Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful"
                `Norman Vincent Peale

Title:  Today I am a Princess
Author: Jill Cikins
Illustrator:  Rosalie Peng

This book speaks to the princess that is buried deep down inside  each and every girl.  The sound advice and wisdom, if you choose to implement it, will make you a much better person and also bless those around you.  You are given instructions to be the best person that you can possibly be, to live in the here and now and to take in the gifts and lessons that are ever present around you.  If you make the right choices, move past yourself  reaching out to others, and  listen closely to your heart, you can and will make a big difference in your own life and the lives of others.  Life's journey can be transformed from a dull, mundane existence, to one filled with joy and magic every single day that you inhabit planet earth.

The story is of a little girl who becomes beautiful and wise with the help of seven Great Planets of the Sky.  They guide and instruct her along her life's journey, each granting her a wish and a symbol to use on the day they rule as well as a magical phrase for her to internalize and always remember.  Her first encounter is with Father Sun, on a bright and sunny Sunday, and he blesses her with a beautiful crown to wear and insures her that he will always send rays of light upon her and will watch over her.  She is given the phrase, "Today I am a Princess, I shine just like the Sun."  Each day of the week brings a new planet into her life to inspire and empower her, encouraging her to become the best little Princess that she can possibly be.

The illustrations are beautifully portrayed and whimsical in style.  The expressions and colour pallet are perfect for a Princess-in-the-making.  How you think, what you say, and the way you behave are keys to your happiness and well-being.

The author states:  "Striving to be perfect is striving for the impossible, but striving to be the best we can be is a realistic goal."  We can choose to be a better friend, teacher, student, or professional every day.  When we strive to make each day count we bring out the best qualities in ourselves and often in others."  Amen.

About the author:

Children’s author Jill Cikins is a certified Naam yoga instructor from New York City. Developed by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, Naam yoga merges Eastern yogic practice with the esoteric teachings of the universal Kabbalah. In her new book, Today I am a Princess!, Cikins shows young readers how to fulfill their potential each and every day. For more information, visit Cikins at

About the illustrator:

Rosalie is a professional graphic artist, illustrator and dedicated mother of two.  She is co-founder of 2 retail fashion companies.  JustB Apparel, a retail apparel company that specializes in clothes with a positive message; and Lineage, a luxury retail accessories company that creates unique and custom monograph jewelry. Rosalie is an avid baker and adventurous home cook.  She is originally from New York and now resides in New Jersey.

Just for fun:  

                      Book Review Rating:    8  (Fantastic!)

       Read on and read always!  Have an awesome day everyone!
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