Friday, December 13, 2013

Pass the cookies please

Today's Quote:

"He who has not Christmas in his heart will, never find it under a tree."
              `Roy L. Smith

Title:  Santa's Cookie Elf
Author:  Richard T. Parrette Jr.
Illustrator:  Muideen Ogunmola

 Christmas is in the air.  Magic is everywhere with thoughts of reindeer being able to fly, Santa magically appearing with a big bag full of toys for you on Christmas Eve, and the very fact that he is able to make a whirlwind trip completely around the world all in one night is almost unbelievable!  There are now almost 7 billion people inhabiting this globe and Santa is said to visit them all.  When he sneaks into your home and deposits your gifts he looks around and discovers the cookies you left for him to say thank you for his visit.  If 7 billion people live on this planet and each household leaves him on an average of 6 cookies ... that adds up to ..... let me see...a whole lot of cookies for one guy to eat in one night.  But crafty Santa has a solution to that problem.  He has in his company a Cookie Elf whose job it is to help Santa out with the never ending Christmas Eve cookie binge.  You see, this little elf has a magic stomach and is able to nibble, crunch, chew AND swallow most of these cookies leaving Santa able to do his busy job of putting toys under the tree and stuffing kid's stockings to the max.  

One night a little boy hears a noise and gets up to investigate.  What does he find?  He finds an elf intruder who is not an intruder at all but Santa's Cookie Elf himself, happily doing his job because it would be terribly impolite not to eat up those special cookies that were left for Santa.  The elf gets into his job so much that he lets time slip away and misses his ride out.  To his utter delight Santa appears to collect him and with a sprinkle of pixie dust they both disappear...vanishing into the night once again!!! 

This fun, heartwarming tale answers the question of the does Santa eat all of those cookies without getting a stomach ache?  And the other most asked does Santa get in and out of the house if you don't have a chimney for him to come down.  The book celebrates the season and encourages you to leave a snack for Santa (and his helper, Cookie Elf) because it is truly appreciated by both.  The illustrations are well done and compliment the text perfectly.  A great bonus added for the reader's enjoyment were cookie recipes to try out.  Bon appétit!

About the author and illustrator

Richard T. Parrette Jr. is a President of a Manufacturing Company and retired Navy Captain, who is also an accomplished poet and song writer. He loves telling stories to his grand children who inspired him to write Santa’s Cookie Elf, as well as Mr. Whatsababble and The Ghost TrainSanta’s Cookie Elf is a new twist on how Santa accomplishes all the magic on one night. It fosters children’s curiosity about how things can happen with a fun slant on how millions of cookies can be eaten in one night.
Muideen Ogunmola is an exciting new emerging artist whose illustrations, paintings and cartoons capture the imagination. Each time you see the characters created by Muideen it will warm your heart and paint great
memories that will last forever. His unique style brings a story to life and enjoyment to all readers.

                        Book review rating:  6 (Interesting for sure!)

Read on and read always.  Have a great Friday the 13th....I know you will!!!
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