Saturday, December 28, 2013

Time for sleep now Anna

Quote of the Day:  " What is the use of a book; thought Alice, without pictures or conversations? "
                                      - Lewis Carroll

Title:  Sleep Tight, Anna Banana
Author:  Dominique Rogues
Illustrator: Alexis Dormal
Ages:  3-7

Anna Banana cannot seem to settle herself this bedtime and wants to read. She puts off sleep much to the annoyance of her stuffed animals who are all tired and finally have had enough.  When she does turn out the light and is off to slumberland her animals decide it's payback time.  They rally together to give her a dose of what it is like to be kept awake unwillingly and Anna Banana is not amused.

Anna Banana is a feisty little tyke with a mind and will of her own.  She definitely wants to be in charge and in no certain terms lets her animals know it.  The book highlights the love of reading but also the consequences of being selfish and making the world around you all about you and not being considerate of the needs of others.

The illustrations are just fantastic. They are very expressive, colourful and playful.  This book will give you many opportunities to smile and even laugh out loud as it is shared.  I highly recommend it.  Sleep Tight, Anna Banana will be released June 17, 2014 so keep an eye out for it and be sure to add it to your collection of great children's books.

About the Author and Illustrator:

Dominique Roques was born in 1948 in Casablanca. She has two sons, one of whom likes drawing picture books. Her appreciation for her son Alexis's artwork inspired her to start writing stories for him. Together they have published several books starring Anna Banana. Sleep Tight, Anna Banana! is the first to be translated into English.
Alexis Dormal was born in 1977 in Brussels and studied filmmaking and then fine arts in Lyon, France. Now he makes books with word balloons. He has collaborated with Dominique Roques on the Anna Banana series, the first of which is Sleep Tight, Anna Banana!

Book review rating:  8 (fantastic!)

Read on and read always!  Have a super day everyone.

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