Wednesday, January 8, 2014

"The Cutes" aren't cute...they are super cute

"Never loan a book to someone if you expect to get it back. Loaning books is the same as giving them away."
                                                              - R Buckminister Fuller

Like you to meet Vincent Noot and his lovely new wife.  This is a bit about him....

Biography of my artwork:

I grew up in the Netherlands. This year, I moved and got married in the USA. The funny thing is that my parents came up with the idea for my name when they passed through a Vincent van Gogh Street. Little did they know that someone with a passion for art would be born. I drew since I was little. About the age of 4 I already put great effort into drawing. Later I drew comics, but never had the means or intention to sell anything. That changed around the age of 23, when I went to an illustration and graphics university in Belgium. After I studied there, I started drawing portraits and making up things to sell. I did airbrushing for a while, but the pencil portraits were more my specialty. In 2012, a friend of mine offered me a freelance job for a child day care franchise. Based on 4 characters, I earned my savings with illustrating board games, card games, day schedules, website images, etc. I drew them by hand and colored them with Photoshop. At the end of that year, the idea came to start drawing "Find the Cutes", a search book specifically in my cartoon style that would take hundreds of hours of work. I saw the opportunity though and started. Now I have been doing that for almost a year and the book is almost finished.

This amazing book is written with the same concept as the "Where's Waldo series."  The Cute children are hidden on every page between hundreds of other people. The colours are vibrant, the characters amazing and your kids will spend hours trying to find where the family members are hidden.  The nice thing is that at the end there is actually an answer page, and on each page, a clue that shows you exactly what you are looking for.  

The book focuses on different children's situations and consist of twelve, action-packed, full-to-the-rim pages.  Here are the situations your kids can relate to:

1. Birthday Party                                            7. Soccer Game
2. Swimming Pool                                          8. The Fair
3. Playground                                                9. Ballet Studio
4. Toy Store                                                  10. Scout Camp
5. Petting Zoo                                               11. Art Studio
6 Supermarket                                              12, First Day of School

You can find out more at their website :

This fun activity book or tablet app will give your child hours of fun and consists of an intriguing story,  the fact that kids of all ages will love it and that it has 4,763 hand-drawn characters that took more than 1,500 hours of artwork to complete.  

You can help back their project by visiting www. and receive great rewards if you do so.  If you visit their website you can win a free poster.  

I have personally been in touch with the author and have seen the talent and love that is being poured into this project and I highly recommend you getting behind him and making his dream reality.  Together we can bring this book to life by helping him out on kickstarter. Check into it today.

                   Read on and read always!  Have a great day!       

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