Thursday, January 9, 2014

Poor puppy....his bed has gone missing

 Quote of the Day! 
"At night when the curtains are drawn and the fire flickers, my books attain a collective dignity."
                                                                          -E. M. Forster

I have a cute book to tell you about today that will warm your heart and make you fall in love with Bassett hounds.  The little puppy in the story, Fred, is adorable to say the least.  He has his favourite little bed that he curls up in and he even wears a pajama top to seal the deal.  He seems to be growing very quickly and is outgrowing his beloved bed. He lives with his dad whom he loves very dearly.

When he wakes up in his morning he is very enthusiastic with his red favourite ball, his little toy bear and especially his bowl of food!  He loves life and is a very happy, playful little guy.  Sticky ears and messy top prevail and Fred decides to go back to his room to shed his soiled shirt and dress fresh for a new day.  When he enters his room he is shocked to find both his favourite bed and his dad gone missing.  Panic sets in and he goes about trying to find them with his nose to the ground and his ears dragging along in the dirt.

 He seeks counsel from his friend mouse, a lounging frog on a log, a twitchy cricket and lastly his wise friend owl who advises him to go home because darkness is settling in.  Fred then hears the familiar voice of his dad and with wagging tail and happy heart he runs to greet him.  His dad is relieved to see his precious little son is safe and takes him home where he belongs.  Will Fred find out why his bed is missing?  How will he sleep without his comfy, favourite bed if it is lost?  Does his Dad know what the true story is concerning his bed and will he tell Fred the truth about it?  Will Fred understand that growing up can mean changes will have to be made in your lifestyle even at the time it seems very uncomfortable to do so?

The book is written in rhyme and the illustrations are fantastic.  The colour pallet is soft and natural and this book is a perfect bedtime story for your child.  I highly recommend this story.  I especially love the last illustration where you see Fred, with the most contented look on his face, and his guardian friend owl lovingly checking in on him to make sure he is safe and sound and sleeping happily.


                    Author:  Lori Zoss
                    Illustrator:  Cheri Polk    
                    Ages: 3-8

About the author:

Lori Zoss is the author of A Bed for Fred. When not writing, Lori is the corporate support director for a public television and radio organization (ideastream®) in Cleveland, OH. Lori also lends her talents during radio and television fundraising, serving as one of ideastream’s on-air hosts during pledge drives.
Lori has been a featured speaker at various public media and educational conferences and also spends time as an Adjunct Professor of Communications and Public Relations at Baldwin Wallace University, where she has taught courses in Online Marketing, Public Relations Writing, Publicity, Event Planning, and Crisis Management.
Lori holds an MBA and a Bachelor of Arts from Baldwin Wallace University.
She lives in suburban Cleveland, OH with her husband David, Labrador Retriever Ginger, and Basset Hound Fred. A Bed for Fred is her first book. 


                            Book Review Rating:  8 (Fantastic!)
Read on and read always!  Have a great day everyone.
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