Wednesday, February 19, 2014

An amazing book for both young and old

Quote of the Day:  
"Once you publish a book, it is out of your control. You cannot dictate how people read it."
                                                              - Margaret Atwood

Title:  Curious Critters Volume Two
Photographer and writer:  David FitzSimmons
Ages:   2-infinity

This gorgeous book will certainly engage and teach both the young and old about magnificent critters that inhabit their world.  The photos are stunning - big, bold and accentuated by a white background which make them look almost 3-D.  David's camera focuses on common animals that are found throughout North America and some may even be in your own back yard.  Included with the photo is a short sketch that is told through the eyes of the critters' themselves, which reveal the sounds they make and other interesting and educational facts that hopefully will inspire the reader to do more research on the ones that appeal to them the most.  At the end of the book David cleverly adds a summary of all the Curious Critters Natural Histories, a fun activity page to challenge you, and a glossary of terms to deepen your understand even further.  It is a book I highly, highly recommend.   A book very creative and executed in excellence.

About the  photographer/author:

David hopes that his Curious Critters Books will inspire both kids and adults to conserve nature.  
"To protect our natural world, we first have to care about it.  I hope that my animal pictures allow people to see common animals from frogs and fish to beetles and birds in a while new and meaningful way.  It's my goal that the close-up photography and playful prose in Curious Critters will captive readers' imaginations and motivate them to get outside and interact with nature."

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Book Review Rating: 9 (Close to Perfection!)

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