Saturday, February 8, 2014

Forget the candy...give a book!

Quote of the Day:

International Book Giving Day is celebrated on February 14th and encourages everyone to re-think the "love" that we pour into that day by giving books to children  in lieu of toys and candy.  Of course you are free to do both and I hope that you do.  We must prepare before that date so I am sending you tips on how to participate in such a great event before it is upon you.

What can I do to celebrate? 

* Give a brand new, borrowed (ask permission of course first), or gently used book to a friend or family member on that day.

* A fun thing to do is purposefully leave a book or magazine in a waiting room or lobby where kids have to wait.  Make sure your book is not controversial and is a fun read for a child.

* There are many places that gladly receive book donations: second hand stores, libraries, children's hospitals, a shelter and even your own child's classroom if the books are age appropriate.  There are many international organizations such as Books for Africa that you can donate books too. I am sure if you ask around or Google it you will come up with a ton of organizations that would be thrilled to receive and distribute your books to those who need them.

This is a very worthwhile endeavour, takes little effort and won't break your budget.  It helps your child think beyond herself and impacts her heart to reach out and to give to those who are less fortunate. Empathy and compassion are wonderful characteristics that you want to install in your child.  If you are having a Valentine's party maybe you could suggest that each guest bring a book along that they would like to donate.  (you can certainly send the books along after that targeted date I am sure).

At the IBGD website you can download posters to help get the word out to your local school or in and around your specific neighbourhood.  I love the whole concept and the opportunity to give the precious gift of reading and books to the entire world.  Please consider joining in on the fun.

You can check out IBGD on Twitter, Facebook and on its website.

Read on and read always!  Have an amazing day and weekend!

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