Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Can reading books really help a sick child?

What to do with your child when she is home sick....sick enough to be home all day but not sick enough to sleep all day?  Here are some suggestions.....

Reading to your child can be the best medicine.  Move over chicken soup ..... studies have shown that reading to her can help a child recover faster in the cold and flu season.  Besides giving your child plenty of fluids, nourishment and rest, have you considered reading to her?

If your child has the flu please turn off those video games.  Being cooped up all day and allowing your child to play video games may inadvertently build up anxiety through overstimulation in a certain area in the brain called the Amygdala. What you are aiming for is calm and relaxing so her body can mend itself.

Instead, choose a book to read together. Even older kids love to cuddle with mom or dad and be read to.  When kids are sick they want attention and pampering and what better way to deliver that than through snuggling up with a good favourite book.  Here are some of the benefits of a reading a good book to your sick child:

*It's a great way to keep her calm, which is important when her immune system is trying to fight off a cold.

*Reading together helps to create a co-operative relationship between the parent and child.  This in turn builds trust, which is useful in getting a child to take that spoonful of cough syrup or those antibiotic drops.

*If you're in the doctor's office, reading to your child is a great way to keep her still and occupied.

* It can improve her attention span, which is an important first step on the path to learning to read.

*When parents share books with their child, they improve their child's understanding of the world.

*Reading helps the emotional development of a child  and also improves her self-esteem.

*The act of reading together can offer laughter and entertainment without damaging effects of certain TV or video games.

*Reading helps prepare a child for sleep and rest, particularly if it forms part of her bedtime routine.

Here are a few books that you may want to check out that are perfect for those at home sick days.....


The How Do Dinosaur.... books series is excellent for kids.  This beautifully illustrated book is perfect for your preschool dinosaur lover.  Young children will enjoy the fun story and playful illustrations.  The book was written by Jane Yolen and illustrated by Mark Teague.


In this book the cubs have to get their yearly check up and learn how to keep their  bodies healthy and strong.  Papa Bear think that he doesn't need to go to the doctor anymore but quickly learns that not taking care of himself leads to getting sick.  This is a great book for elementary school ages kids. It was written and illustrated by Stan and Jan Berenstain.


This Series of books is hugely popular and has won numerous awards.  This book is about what happens when a young llama gets sick and Mama is there to coddle and pamper her little one.  Read the book to your kids and it will help them learn what Moms do to take care of their kids when they are sick and even suggests how kids can help out when Mom gets sick too.  It will engage young children and lovers of the series.  Llama Llama Home with Mama is written and illustrated by Anna Dewdney.


Bear Feels Sick is a book about main character, Bear, and his forest animal friends.  When Bear gets a cold all of his forest friends come to the rescue taking care of him unit he feels better.  This is a great book for young children when they aren't feeling well.  Bear Feels Sick is written by Karma Wilson and illustrated by Jane Chapman.

So what prompted this "sick" theme today.....well I am sick!  Going to get a good book, curl up and have a quiet day with my blankie and my book.  Rest is calling me..........

Read on an read always!   Have a good day everyone.

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