Friday, March 21, 2014

Mistakes are just new opportunities in the making......

Title of today's featured book:

                                               Title:  The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes

                                                Authors:  Mark Pett and Gary Rubenstein

I intentially included the YouTube video of both authors/illustrator below so you could experience the flavour of this book straight from the sources themselves.  I am sure you will agree that the message for perfectionist young kids (and adults too) is a perfect one - no worries, no problem --blunders happen all the time and it's all fine and dandy when they do.  We all make mistakes and it's alright to do so because a lot of fun and imagination can happen by creatively taking those faux pas and making them into something that will make you smile, chuckle and even laugh out loud.  Many wonderful ideas and things have been created, invented and appreciated because of an error or omission - dare I say it?  a mistake!!

You will experience first hand the wit and humour that is embedded between the covers of this book and see how lovely it lends itself to be read out loud in a classroom setting or in front of an audience.  I highly recommend this book and hope you get its message out to younger readers so they can rest assured that making a mistake is quite alright ... in fact it's normal.  We then can reassure our kids, point them in a creative direction and encourage them to try again (and again, and again) if necessary, and have a blast doing it, no worries for sure.  Make no mistake....this is a fabulous message to ingest.

Here are some images from the book:

Book Review Rating:  8 (Fantastic)

Read on and read always!  Please check out the YouTube video below.  

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