Tuesday, April 8, 2014

How fun is this?

Good day everyone.  Here is today's quote.  I hope you can guess the book title and author:

"There was a hand in the darkness, and it held a knife."

Answer to yesterday's quote:  "The Voyage of the Dawn Trader," by C.S. Lewis

Today I have something a little bit different to share that involves reading, but also asks for a verbal response.  Free Spirit Publishing has got the best idea for marketing - "word jars".  I cannot possibly highlight all the jars but will pick a few just to give you an idea of what they are about.  What a perfect gift to give to a child for his birthday or a special occasion in his life.  The jars would be perfect to set in the centre of your table and then after dinner, as they whole family gathers, each member picks a card, reads it aloud and then lets the conversation flow.

Here are a few examples so you will know exactly what I am talking about.  The jars are 3" plastic, recyclable, with a screw top.  They are easy to use, portable and will make reading and learning fun for your child.

The packaging is brilliant and will be super exciting for kids.  "Fingerplays & Rhymes" in a jar contains 101 cards featuring: rhyming games, chants, songs, and more to get kids thinking. Perfect for a rainy day or any days in-between. 


"Story Starters and Journal Jots" in a jar will inspire and support young writers both at home and at school.  They contain jump starters for stories and entries about people, places and animals.  Both the above spark imagination and creativity. "Journal Jots" will help your child document her life on a daily bases and would be perfect to serve with a personal writing journey and pen, so your child can get started right away.

"Temper Tamers in a jar" contains 101 ways of helping kids cool off and manage their anger.  Geared to ages 8-11.  Kids will learn how to calm down and express their feelings in a positive way.  There are four types of cards involved:  Talk about it, Tip, Act it Out and What would you do?  These cards create perfect, teachable moments for you child regarding a temper.

"Bully Free Zone in a jar" promotes group discussion about healthy ways to reduce bullying.  Individuals can use the cards to learn anti-bullying strategies - whether they are the target of the bully, a bystander, the person doing the bullying, or all three.  There are four types of cards included in the jar as well:  talk about it, tip, act it out and what would you do?

There are a whole variety of word jars including themes on: character, attitude, feelings, dilemmas, quotes, manners, riddles, leadership lessons, for teens, for guys, even ones for grammar and math.  The list goes on and on.  The price is very affordable and if you check out : http://www.freespiritpublishing.com  you can get the complete list and make your choice(s).  Amazon also carries them.  Highly recommended.

The cards are short and sweet to read and they certainly promote great discussions and conversations.  Perfect for parents, therapists and teachers.  

Read on and read always.   I am always trying to highlight books that are creative and inspiring and to give you tips that will get your little ones up and reading successfully for the rest of their lives.  Thanks for stopping by for a visit with me today.

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