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Hobbs Goblin in The Treasure Adventure - a book review

Hello everyone.  Welcome to Storywraps.  Here is yesterday's answer to the....

                                                                     Biggest and Best

The book and author that has sold the most books to date is??? You probably already knew or guessed right.... J. K . Rowlings for her book "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows". 

 It sold....get this....15 million copies in 24 hours, eclipsing in one day, the all time children's best-seller up to that time which was The Poky Puppy. In 2011 Rowling sold 450 million book breaking all records in book selling ever.  Can you even image that?  Good for her.  I wish it had been me, but alas it was not but look what I have?  My Storywraps blog and I love it so.

Today's featured book was inspired by a new up-and-coming author Joseph Forester (Joe) who was inspired to write the book because of his son Gabriel.  Gabriel is infatuated with fantasy themes and especially goblins.   You can check Joe out on: www.hobbsgloblinbooks.com
Gotta love Gabriel's enthusiasm eh? Go dad!!!!

Featured book of the day:

Title:  Hobbs Goblin in The Treasure Adventure
Author and Illustrator:  Joseph Forester

Take a peek at a few sample from within:

My take on the book:

The book is written in rhyme and if you like goblins, treasures and forest beasts you will love this book.  Hobb Goblin invites you along on his adventure to find a buried pirate's treasure.  He finds a map and challenges you to accompany him through the forest to the beach because behind the trees there is a treasure to be claimed.  He even tempts you with profit sharing .... 40/60....now that's a deal and hard to resist.  

In the forest resides a beast named Skwee who wants not 40/60 of the bounty but 100% of it.  He bullies and blocks and tries to steal the map away but Hobbs and you (his partner in adventure) escape Skwee's blockade and high-tale for the beach.  Will you find the treasure according to the maps directions?  Will both you and Hobbs become rich beyond belief and live happily ever after?  Is happiness found in riches only?  Well to discover the answer to these questions you have to read Hobbs Goblin in The Treasure Adventure.  

The illustrations are big and bold and kid-friendly.  The print is large and the rhyming and interaction makes the book a fun read to share.  Everyone old and young love to be invited by the main character  of a book to come,  jump between the covers and join him on a dangerous escapade.  Hobbs Goblin in The Treasure Adventure is very noteworthy first book.  Enjoy.

About the author/illustrator:

Joseph Foster is a bestselling children's book author and illustrator known for his book "Hobbs Goblin in The Treasure Adventure".  He is happily married to his wife Heather and has two children Gabriel (4) and Emilia (1). He and his family reside with their 3 cats (Gir, Minnie and Jhonny) in Roscommon, a small rural town in northern Michigan.

Joseph (Joe) grew up in Waterford Michigan with his parents Ted and Noreen and brother Phillippe. When he met his wife Heather, Joseph started school for Web Development and Graphic Design. Hobbs Goblin started out as a school project for his Graphic Studio class and developed into a story that his son Gabriel adored. With his sons interest, Joseph decided to publish the book. In the first week of debuting "Hobbs Goblin in The Treasure Adventure" shot up to #8 in the Top 100 Large Print Children's Books on Amazon and it remains in the Top 1% of all children's books on Amazon. Hobbs Goblin is not a one hit wonder. Joe is currently working on his second adventure!

Book Review rating:  8 (Fantastic!)

Read on and read always!

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