Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything - "BOO"k review

Quote of the day:       "Eat, drink and be scary."  - unknown

Today's featured book:

Title:  The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything
Author:  Linda Williams
Illustrator:  Megan Lloyd

Let's peek inside shall we?

About the book:

One dark and windy autumn night a brave little old lady was walking back to her cottage when she heard a clomping noise behind her.  What could possibly be making that sound?  She discovers an old pair of shoes has been following her, "Clomp, clomp."  She turns to them and says, "I'm not afraid of you, " but she walks a little faster. As her journey continues she is confronted by other spooky things: a pair of pants, (wiggle, wiggle), a floating shirt (shake, shake),  a top hat (nod, nod), a pair of white gloves (clap, clap), and finally a pumpkin head (boo, boo).  She turns to each one and loudly declares she is not afraid but each time she steps up her pace to get back to her home little faster.  Once inside she closes the door and collapses in her rocking chair and rocks and rocks so thankful to have made it home and to safety.  The next morning she wakes up to a great surprise outside her window.  

I loved this book.  This little old woman inspires you to face your fears, to keep on trucking and never, ever give up. I love how the suspense builds up on each page and invites the reader to accompany her on her frightening walk home.  The illustrations are colourful, expressive and detailed, which I liked a lot.  I highly recommend this book to be added to your Hallowe'en collection.

About the author:

Linda Williams is the director of a child development center. The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything is her first book for children.

About the illustrator:

Megan Lloyd has illustrated more than forty books for children, including The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything by Linda Williams, Thanksgiving at the Tappletons' by Eileen Spinelli, and The Mixed-Up Rooster by Pamela Duncan Edwards. She lives with her husband on a farm in Pennsylvania, where she raises sheep, chickens, and cows. Some of the rabbits from her vegetable garden have even been kind enough to allow Ms. Lloyd to sketch them as models for this book.

Book Review Rating:  9 (close to perfection!)

Read on and read always!  Count down to Hallowe'en is on!

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