Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Bear in Underwear Activity Kit- review

Quote of the day:

"Studies show that reading reduces stress by 68%...
            *more than listening to music
            *more than going for a walk
            *more than settling down with a great cup of tea."

Today's featured book + :

 Color and Draw Activity Kit
by Todd H. Doodler
Ages:  3+
(includes activity book, crayons, and stickers in a carryall case)

Let's take a peek inside the book shall we?

What's it all about:

Decisions, decisions, decisions.  What is a little Bear to do when he has seven days in a week and must change his underwear every single one of them?  He has different colour choices to make and even  patterned underwear to consider?  Oh my, how to make the right choice daily?  The author gets your child involved by asking him to help poor wee Bear out with his decision-making.

This fun, interactive book exposes your child to colors, patterns, numbers and counting, the different seasons and various activities of drawing and following instructions.  With Bear's help they can even learn the days of the week. 

This is a perfect activity book to get your little one to celebrate the wearing of underwear!  He can choose the correct colour that bear decides upon from the available crayons and match the stickers to Bear's friends and activities.  It all comes packaged in a sturdy, carrying case that has a handy plastic handle.  This would be a perfect gift for a birthday, Christmas (which will be here sooner than we know) or anytime.  I highly recommend this kit.   

About the author:

Todd H. Doodler, aka Todd H. Goldman, is a well-known pop artist and the author/illustrator of several books, including The Zoo I Drew. He also has several shows in development with MTV. Todd lives in Los Angeles.

Book Review Rating:   9 (close to perfection!)

Read on and read always!  What colour underwear are you wearing today?  Just asking.....  :)

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