Monday, December 29, 2014

Have I Told You Today How Much I Love You? - a bookwrap

"When people keep on asking how much you love me, I say if I could measure it, it won't be called love."

Unwrapping "Have I Told You Today How Much I Love You?  by Cheryl Sturm.  It is her first published book by Knowing Going Kids....For Thoughtful Families Curious About Our World.

Let's pull the wrapping right off and see the inside....

This little book with vibrant, colorful, whimsical illustrations will certainly catch the eye of a young reader.  It is not only entertaining but also educational.  The author intended it to be a bedtime story but it is a good - to - read, anytime, anywhere book for sure.

How much do I love you?  Kids learn how much they are loved by visually comparing the length of familiar objects in their world (strawberries, footlong hotdogs, guitars, a busy highway etc.) to actual linear measurements.  It is an American book, so metric measurement is not represented.

This book is a self-esteem builder and an immeasurable portrait of their parent's unconditional love. If you purchase the iPad version there is added narration, music and even animation.  How fun is that? Gotta love technology.  

The incremental measurements expand from the size of a tiny strawberry to size of the moon, stars, Mars and beyond.  Love has no limits and each child will feel the warmth and the security of that endless love as the story is read out loud to them by a caring, loving adult in their life.

Cheryl Sturm works with a great team of people at R. Crusoe & Son to develop unusual, cultural journeys. The daughter of an Army major, she was born in Berlin, Germany, raised in Manawa, Wisconsin, and lives in Chicago, Illinois. She began her career as a television reporter in Wisconsin, but a professional detour happily lead her to international travel. "Have I Told You Today How Much I Love You," is the first book published by Knowing Going Kids. More books are on the way for thoughtful families curious about our world.

Read on and read always!

It's a wrap!

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