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Little Chief - bookwrap

"It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are."

"The turning point in the process of growing up is when you discover the core of the strength within you that survives all the hurt. " - Max Lerner


Let's go through the layers....

This is Toni Danette's debut book and her talented illustrator, Thomas Barnett, enhances the story and brings it to life.

The book is certainly one that many kids will identify with growing up.  Little Chief has to deal with many problems as a little boy....problems that demean him, shake his self-esteem to his very core, and make him feel inferior and very sad.  

He wets the bed and has to wear a diaper, thus alienating him from sleepovers with friends.  He wears a child leash because he is so energetic and full of curiosity his parents are scared he will get lost or hurt so they opt for the leash to keep their precious little boy safe. Little Chief is pretrified of dogs because one bit him on the hand once, causing him to cry and bury his hands in his pockets whenever a dog is near him.  He has a very weak stomach and gets sick while driving in the car, in a boat or on amusement park rides.  He is chubby (his parents call him husky to make him feel better) and therefore not chosen by his friends to play in their sport games.  He sucks his thumb and stutters causing him to feel ridiculed and shamed by those around him.  And to top it all off his big sister is very mean to him and he doesn't understand why she treats him so badly. Thankfully he has loving parents who believe in him and want the best for their beloved little boy.  

Well Little Chief does grow up and what kind of a man does he turn out to be you may wonder?  Is he healed from all his childhood challenges?  Does he end up having a great career and is full of self-confidence and accepting of himself despite what he had been through as a child?

This book is a book of inspiration and hope.  It documents all the struggles Little Chief has as a young boy but the message given by the author consoles and inspires the reader because Big Chief turns out to be a handsome leader, a solid, impressive man that takes control of situations and is very capable of being in charge....a complete turnaround from the scared, intimidated youngster he was growing up.  Big Chief grows up to become a U.S. Navy Chief.

This true story encourages the reader to face your fears,  to conquer your fears and to never, ever give up. Who you were created to be might even surprise yourself!   I highly recommend this book.

Want to know a little about the author and the illustrator?

Toni Danette lives in beautiful Huntington Beach, California with her son Chance. With a deep family history of military service and an avid supporter of empowering children that don't fit the "norm", she has written Little Chief proving to children that they can overcome obstacles no matter how difficult they may seem. Little Chief is a true story written about her brother, now U.S. Navy Senior Chief, and the obstacles he has overcome. It is an inspiring story for young children with common childhood issues they can relate to. 

This is Toni Danette's first book. She is looking forward to writing many more real life stories about others who have overcome childhood adversities. 

  1. Tom is a freelance illustrator and cartoonist. He is known for his online daily comic strip, The Lil' Miesters, found at He is currently the artist on the Bison Bay comic book and has done work for publishing companies and children's books authors.

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