Friday, December 19, 2014

The Bump on Santa's Noggin - How Santa Almost Forgot Christmas - a bookwrap

Unwrapping some Christmas smiles for you...

Unwrapping the book and then let's peek inside the gift...

This fun Christmas book is by Jeffery L. Schatzer with Mark Bush and Don Rutt.  Illustrations are by Ty Smith.  The pictures are priceless - move over MasterCard .  Check some out...

Unwrapping the book in rhyme...

The bump on Santa's noggin
Started throbbing, was a pain.
How did that big lump get there?
Santa rubbed it once again.

Milo was forgetful,
Milo always left a mess.
All his things were scattered
Causing danger, causing stress.

Santa slipped on Milo's toy
Down he went kerri-splat!!!
Darkness it surrounded him
He just lay there .... flat!

When he awoke he was confused
His head how it did sting,
He did not know just where he was
Or who he was, poor thing!

He asked police, a doctor man
A firefighter too,
They were very helpful
And gave him many clues.

Finally a teacher came
And tugged on his white beard
Santa lit up like a light
I'm Santa Claus he cheered!

He hurried off to his home
And left Milo a note,
IT'S IMPORTANT TO"....he wrote.

Taking the author out of the box ...

Jeffery L. Schatzer has been a creative consultant and professional writer since 1970. He is also a published author of magazine articles and children's books. His work has received regional, national, and international awards, including a silver medal at the International Film and Television Festival of New York. 

Book Awards include: 
The Bird In Santa's Beard
2005 Great Lakes Book Award - Finalist
The Runaway Garden
2007 Best Book Award  
2008 Mom's Choice Award - Gold Award Recipient
2008 Growing Good Kids - Excellence in Children's Literature Award 

Jeffery currently has four picture books in print: The Bird in Santa's Beard (2004), The Bump on Santa's Noggin (2006), The Runaway Garden (2007), and The Elves in Santa's Workshop (2009). He is also an accomplished author of historical fiction chapter books. His book, Fires in the Wilderness (released in October of 2008), is based on the Civilian Conservation Corps, a Depression era work program. His most recent book, Professor Tuesday's Awesome Adventures in History (to be released in March of 2009) is a fictional account of Chief Pontiac's Rebellion of 1763.

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, magna cum laude, and a Master of Business Administration from Indiana Wesleyan University. On top of his traditional academic credentials, he holds a Bachelor of Santa Claus degree from the Charles W. Howard Santa Claus School, one of the oldest schools of its type in the world. Additionally, he is considered an authority on the history of Christmas and on the poem, 'Twas the Night before Christmas."

Read on and read always!

It's a wrap!

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