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The Last Christmas Tree - a bookwrap

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This gem of a book will have you very emotional and definelty tug at your heart strings.  A hunch-backed, sparse-branched little tree with a huge Christmas spirit finds himself in a lot waiting to be sold.  He is so pumped and eager to go home with a family and spread the cheer of the holidays he can hardly contain himself.  All the other tall, study trees are picked to go first, but this little guy gets overlooked time and time again and the shoppers laugh and mock him because of his looks.  

Even when as a last resort the lot-owner furnishes him with a  "FREE" sign, no one purchases him takes him home.  There he is all alone, in a big empty lot, with no one to invite him into their warm home on this cold Christmas Eve.  

Then a true Christmas miracle happens.  A jolly, large guy in a red suit spies this sad, forlorn imperfect tree, picks him up and joyfully adopts him into his home.  The little misfit, throwaway tree, does find a place to belong and generate his goodwill and happy spirit.... and guess where? ....  in the best home of all!  Can you guess who took him home? Bet you can.

This book is packed full of emotion and the illustrations therein are amazing.  Colorful, vibrant and expressive, the illustrations bring the text alive and are so well done.  I highly, highly recommend this book.

The book, "The Last Christmas Tree" is authored by Stephen Krensky and illustrated by Pascal Campion.  Designed for ages 4-8.

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Intro to his website go check him out:

The versatile author of more than 50 books, Stephen Krensky was born in Boston, Massachusetts. He describes his childhood as “happy and uneventful, with only the occasional bump in the night to keep me on my toes.” He had an active imagination, however, and made up stories in which he was the star, and usually a superhero, too. But he didn't take creative writing seriously until he was 20 years old, an English Literature major at Hamilton College. 
After his graduation in 1975, he was an intern for six months at the New York Times Book Review. He then turned to writing full-time, publishing his first book for children, A Big Day for Scepters, in 1977. Krensky writes everything from picture books to novels, fantasy to realism, fiction to nonfiction. “Being able to try so many different kinds of books has helped me stay enthusiastic about every book I write,” he explains. 
Krensky lives in Lexington, Massachusetts, with his wife and their two sons. When he is not working away at his computer, he enjoys playing soccer and softball and reading books written by other people.
Visit Stephen Krensky's Web site at  www.stephenkrensky.com

                                                      Pascal Campion is a French-American illustrator and animator. He studied narrative illustration at Arts Decoratifs de Strasbourg, in France. He revels in the company of his wife and daughter and finds it very hard to write about himself. He works in a studio with high ceilings in San Francisco.

Pascal has worked in a wide variety of media, from games, music videos, feature films to books.

Selected Clients: Dreamworks Animation, Disney TV, MTV, Nickelodeon, Bent Image Labs, Cartoon Network, Hulu, They Might Be Giants, and PBS among many others.

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