Thursday, January 29, 2015

This Book Just Ate My Dog - a bookwrap


Authored and illustrated by Richard Byrne and appropriate for ages 3-6.

Let's totally toss away the wrap and peek inside...

Bella decides to take her dog out for a nice, peaceful stroll.  Together they saunter across the page but low and behold she makes it across but her dog mysteriously disappears into the gutter of the book.  Oh my. Bella is puzzled and confused.  How can that be?  How can she find her dog and get him back?  Along comes Bella's friend Ben and when he asks her what's up she tells him  "this book just at my dog." Story on......

It's Ben to the rescue, or so he thinks!  In his attempt to get to the source of the mystery, he too vaporizes into the gutter.  Oh my! Along come the first responders to try their luck and guess what?  Yep, in they go too.  Finally Bella, the last character standing, has had enough and, ... ooooh noooo!!! Gone!  

This clever, smart girl then realizes how hopeless she and her commrads are, so brilliantly she tosses a note to the reader to please help them out (literally). Will the readers take her seriously?  Can they possibility bring the characters back from the gutter safely?

This ingenious, interactive book makes the reader part of the story.  How fun is that?  Kids will love to be the super heroes and save the day!  The illustrations are kid-friendly and engaging.  "The Book Just Ate My Dog" is a wonderful twist on the phrase...the dog just ate my homework. Both young and old will get a kick out of this delightful tale.

Born in a hospital. Brought up in Brighton. Learnt to colour-in in Eastbourne. Worked in graphic design. Worked in Brighton, London, Manchester and Yorkshire Hills. Worked for myself. Met Philippa somewhere along the way. Had two children. Had the mid life crisis. Bought my first guitar. Got the urge to create a children’s book. Got an agent. Got a book deal. Got another book deal. Got to Chichester.
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