Friday, February 6, 2015

Fred - a bookwrap

Unwrapping true friendship...

Ready to unwrap today?  First the book...

Authored and illustrated by:  Kaila Eunhye Seo
Ages:  4-8

Now pull the wrapping further back and peek inside...

Fred lives in a very small town and is quite different from everyone else.  He is able to see things that others cannot and because of that the townsfolk deem him rather odd.  The things that he can see and believe roam around the town in different shapes and sizes.  They actually help out people by providing them with wind and shade  on hot days and they provide a fun playground for Fred to swing, slide and jump on.  He is so happy hanging out with his friends and never feels alone.

Then one day Fred's life changes drastically as he starts his first day at school.  He leaves his imaginary friends outside and inside he begins a journey with "real" friends.  His life becomes filled with playdates, encounters and relationships with his school mates leaving his imaginary friends sad, lonely and wanting him back to play.  

Sadly Fred blocks them out and moves forward with his life.  He does all the things that normal kids do like get a job, drink coffee and falls into an every day routine that is robotic and unfullfilled.  Something is missing, he is empty and feels lonely but cannot put his finger on the reason why.

One day he is chilling out, reading of course, in the park where he used to play as a child, and he encounters a little girl much like he "used to be," eating a lollipop.  The little girl with staring eyes asks 
him one simple question, "Would you and your friends like a lollipop?"

Those very words stir his heart and his imagination once again and he realizes why he is feeling so empty, lost and despondent.  His darkened heart begins to light up and he realizes he is not alone now and never has been.

This is a gentle, uplifting, inspiring story that is bathed in the wonder and the magic of childhood imagination.  The illustrations are extremely detailed and the imaginative characters take on forms such as are found in "Where the Wild Things Are."  I love books that are written with heart and this book certainly is.  I highly recommend it.

A children's book writer and illustrator who is passionate towards telling stories through imageries.

Read on and read always!

It's a wrap.

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