Monday, March 23, 2015

"Rungle in the Jungle" - a bookwrap

"A dream is possible, if only you believe and never stop trying."


Author:  Robert Logan Rogers

 Illustrator:  Rachel McCoy

Unwrapping the beautiful illustrations for you...

This fun book is written in rhyme.  A giraffe, a tiger, and a jaguar while playing around together one day decide to plan a friendly race to run a mile.  They want to invite all their jungle friends, the tall and the small, to join in the fun, so they send a little bird off to spread the word about the upcoming event.  

On the given day the excitement is high and everyone present wants to be the winner.  One of the entrants is the cunning, crafty snake,  "Crawling and sneering/ Would enter the snake." He declares that he WILL be the winner thus casting fear and trembling amongst the other participants.  "He played with their minds/ and he never was hurried."

Those remarks left the animals all feeling down and scared, thinking that there was no chance now at winning because of that sly, mean old snake.  Everyone was affected by the scheming, boasting snake, except the tiger and the jaguar.  Using mind over matter and a huge dose of positive thinking they find a way to outsmart that old reptile and prove to their friends that no one has to succumb to fear and give in or give up their aspired hopes and dreams.  

They become super-heros of the day by displaying super creativity and demonstrating its power to all those around them.  

The illustrations are truly wonderful.  They are colourful, expressive and dove-tail perfectly with the text. This book teaches your child a valuable life lesson about facing your fears, rising above them and coming out a winner.   

Unwrapping the author and illustrator:

Robert Logan Rogers lives in Boca Raton, Florida. He has enjoyed a long career as a painting contractor, once owned a bookstore, and currently sells health insurance projects. He is a father of three and has two grandchildren. His family members and his experiences as a parent and grandparent inspired the funny and unique animal characters of Rungle in the Jungle.

Rachel McCoy has always had an interest in arts. She attended college to strengthen her love for the arts and skills. During school, she enrolled in an illustration course tailored to children’s books. With this knowledge, she partnered with Rungle In The Jungle’s author, and hit-the-ground-running for a lifelong career in the field.

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