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Voices Are Not for Yelling - a bookwrap

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Author: Elizabeth Verdick

Illustrator: Marieka Heinlen

Ages:  4-7

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This book is geared to preschool and primary children.  We all know that our voice is a magnificent tool that can be tuned to whisper, sing, shout, and be quiet.  We have to teach our children (and often remind ourselves) what is the appropriate tone we need to implement at a given time.  

This book introduces and reinforces us where and when to use an "indoor voice" or an "outside voice."  In simple, kid-friendly scenarios, wonderfully portrayed through text and vivid illustrations, these vignettes guide us and give us understanding of the power of our voice.  It demonstrates the different ways people ask us to quiet down and when a is perfect time to "uncork" ourselves and shout from the rooftops.  When loud yelling happens, if you are angry, frustrated, or excited, it can cause people's ears to hurt and even hurt their feelings.  

The book points out that using a quiet voice and using your words well can enable you to talk about your problems in a more sedate and calm manner and get much more accomplished.  The book says it perfectly, "Think before you yell, and use your words well!"

The author has included a special portion at the back of the book for parents and caregivers.  Utilizing this section will spark conversations and sharing about gaining self-control and knowing exactly when yelling is the right voice tone to use and when quiet is what you should choose.  

Unwrapping the author and illustrator for you to get to know...

Elizabeth Verdick has been writing books since 1997, the year her daughter was born. Her two children are the inspiration for nearly everything she writes. Before becoming an author, Elizabeth edited books for children and parents. These days she writes books for babies, toddlers, teens, and every age in between. She especially loves creating new board book series—the first books in the Happy Healthy Baby™ series are now available. The Toddler Tools® series helps young children and their parents cope with those tough times and transitions that happen every day (like naptime and bedtime). The Best Behavior® serieshelps toddlers reach new milestones and improve their day-to-day behavior. Elizabeth also enjoys getting the chance to look at the funny side of life in the Laugh and Learn™ series, which helps kids ages 8–13 get a handle on the social/emotional skills they’re developing throughout the elementary– and middle school years. Elizabeth lives with her family and five pets near St. Paul, Minnesota.

Marieka Heinlen launched her career as a children’s book illustrator 
with the award-winning Hands Are Not for Hitting. As a freelance illustrator and designer, Marieka focuses her work on books and other materials for children, teens, parents, and teachers. She lives in St. Paul, Minnesota, with her husband and children.

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