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Zoology for Kids - a bookwrap


Zoology is the scientific study of the characteristics and classification of animals. It is one of the branches of biology, and therefore it is also referred to as animal biology. There are several sub-branches within this field, including ethology, zoography, and anthrozoology. Additionally, zoologists often specialize in the study of specific types of animals. For instance, an ornithologist studies birds, while a mammologist studies mammals. As zoology is a very interdisciplinary subject, there are a number of related fields, including taxonomy, paleontology, and evolutionary biology. 


Common sub-branches of zoology include zoography, ethology, paleozoology, and anthrozoology. Zoography is the description of animals and the environments in which they live. These descriptions are often extremely detailed, and may also include information about the animal's behavior or eating habits. A related subfield is ethology, which is the study of animal behavior. Ethologists tend to focus more on behavior characteristics rather than specific types of animals, and may study many different species. Common behaviors studied include imprinting, aggression, emotion, and communication.

Now that's a mouthful.  Let's break it down so that a child can understand the true meaning of the word.

Unwrapping todays non-fiction book suitable for ages 11-15. 

Zoology For Kids: Understanding and Working with Animals 

by Josh Hestermann and Bethanie Hestermann

Introduction by... The Kratt brothers

The Kratt brothers are creators and hosts of Kratts' Creatures and Zoboomafoo. They've been creature adventuring ever since they were as big as a wombat, first in their backyard and now all over the world. The brothers started making wildlife films while in college when they went on camping trips around the world and filmed wildlife. They edited the films in their basement and brought them into schools to show kids. Now, they've made 50 episodes of Kratts' Creatures in Africa, Central America, Australia and all around the world.

About the book...

This amazing books is divided into two parts.  The first introduces you to some of the basics of zoology: exploring what animals are, their behaviour and their habitats.  You learn how they interact with each other and about their environment.  Part two brings it all together.  You see real life zoologist in action and their association with animals.  You explore zookeepers, aquarists, veterinarians, wildlife researchers, and conservationists.  

Each chapters includes hands-on activities, facts, beautiful photos and scientific vocabulary.  The writing is geared to middle grade readers and includes additional resources and a bibliography to help kids explore their interests further.  This book will peek the curiosity of those wanting to learn more about science, and especially the care and well-being of animals.   It is available in both paper and ebook editions.  Both homes and classrooms will find this an outstanding edition to their non-fiction book collection.  I highly recommend it.

Unwrapping the authors...

Josh and Bethanie Hestermann are co-authors of Zoology for Kids, a science and activity book for kids ages 9 and up. Josh is a marine-mammal keeper and trainer at the Aquarium of the Pacific. He has worked as a marine-mammal keeper and trainer at Brookfield Zoo and as a presenter, keeper, and educator at Phoenix Zoo. He has led research trips to study wild California Sea Lions in Mexico and participated in the Chicago Zoological Society's Sarasota Dolphin Research Program in Sarasota Bay, Florida. Bethanie is a freelance writer who is passionate about wildlife and the natural world. She volunteers at the Aquarium of the Pacific where she helps educate guests about marine life and ocean conservation. She also writes for Pacific Currents, the aquarium's member magazine. They live in Southern California.

Read on and read always!

It's a wrap.

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