Friday, April 24, 2015

Cute Continent Cuddle - a bookwrap

Our world is full of plants, animals, lands and seas, and a diversity of people.  All of these things need us to cuddle and coddle them.  It is a big responsibility but we must be good stewards of everything that makes up planet earth.  Today's book will give you a wonderful warm feeling as we unwrap...

Authored by Besmala Orfaly

Ages Baby-5

Unwrapping to take a peek inside...

The author takes us around the world, an adventure in rhyme, to visit all the seven continents and discover cute baby animals and their parents engaging in loving and fun activities together.  Maps are cleverly included to pin-point the animal's exact locations and the colourful photos show the creature's environments and express the animal's behaviours visually.  She educates us further by giving us the proper name of the animal and then the proper name of the baby:  deer and fawn, black swan and cygnets, koala bear and joey,  penguin and chick, orca and calf,  just to name a few.  The author concludes that the love the baby animals experience worldwide from their parents proves to us that our world is one big heart.

Unwrapping the author...

Besmala Orfaly loves her intelligent young audience and would like to contribute to their beautiful imaginary world by writing children's books. She graduated with a bachelor of arts in business administration. After that she worked in medical billing and management. Then a beautiful thing happened. She and her husband were blessed with twin boys. She enjoyed spending quality time with them, and engaging them in their fantasy world. That inspired her to seek further education in writing and storytelling which led her towards the path of writing children's books.

Read on and read always!

It's a wrap.

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