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Xs and Os for Gabby Ann - a bookwrap

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Authored by Petrell Marie Özbay
Illustrations by
Ages 3-8

Unwrapping the illustrations for your enjoyment...

I love the whole vibe of this book.  Who doesn't like to be tucked in by someone you love and smothered in kisses and hugs before settling down for a good night's sleep?  That is the most perfect part of bedtime is it not? 

Gabby Ann loves that part of her day the best too and asks her mom again and again for just one more kiss and hug.  Lovingly, mom obliges, and then Gabby Ann asks about her daddy?  She knows he is far, far away working, but every night he faithfully sends her hugs and kisses to let her know she is precious to him and he is thinking about her.  Gabby Ann gets fidgety and anxious waiting for those kisses and hugs to arrive.  Mom assures her again and again that daddy didn't forget, encourages her to be patient and when she is asleep they will arrive. She affirms to her they are on their way even now.

This is such a fun adventure to follow those happy hugs and kisses from a loving daddy to their destination... his sweet Gabby Ann.  His coveted gifts are launched on a spirited global rendezvous with the help of many participants who willingly take it upon themselves to have those love snippets delivered.  Every child who reads this book will become aware of the love and commitment of a parent towards them and the lengths they will go to deliver that love.  

The illustrations are perfect.  The colours are bold, vibrant and  they are full of detail and energy.  They pull the reader into the story and you can feel the synergy of everyone as they happily, freely volunteer and get one Daddy's hugs and kisses to his darling little girl, his, Gabby Ann.  

About this author

Petrell Marie Özbay resides with her family in South Florida. In addition to living abroad, she has also called Wisconsin and Ohio home. Her two clever and inspiring children keep her smiling through the chaos and busy searching for seashells, garden fairies and geckos. She created this story to simply help parents, regardless of their whereabouts and personal situation, bring children a goodnight hug and kiss. She hopes any child who reads this story will feel a little more ease at bedtime knowing that a parent's love will always find them.

Petrell holds an undergraduate degree and an MBA from Marquette University. Prior to publishing her first book, Petrell was a public affairs executive working at some of the world's most well-respected companies. She was most recently involved in the operations of an import and distribution business that she co-founded with her husband.  

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