Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Chihuahuas Like Cheese - a bookwrap

Quotes about Shelter dogs...

Unwrapping today's book...

Authored by Janice Wells Kingbury

Illustrated by Rachael Mahaffey

Ages:  4-8

Unwrapping the illustrations...

     "Bogie is not your typical Chihuahua.  He came from a shelter in South Carolina as a stray.  When people tried to adopt him at PetSmart with his foster mom, he clung to her shirt with his sharp nails and cried.  After several attempts, his foster mom gave in and told Bogie he could stay.  This made Bogie very happy."

     And so the story begins....

     You fall in love with this adorable little character right from the get-go.  He is energetic, spunky and thinks he is a big dog just like the rest of the pack that he is adopted into.  He can do all the things the big dogs can do and bubbles with happiness because he has been saved from a shelter, has his own family, his blanket and bed, and life is good.  The one thing he can't deal with is cheese.  Yes, you heard me ... cheese.  It is the one thing in the world he loves the most.  When the doggies are all lined up to receive his favourite snack poor Bogie seems to get ripped off and ends up with the smallest piece. This makes him angry and sad because after all he loves cheese the very best and that is not fair at all is it?  

     One day in early October as he is napping on the deck he smells smoke coming from his neighbour's house.  At the same time he hears a sound and he sees an intruder with a black hoodie climb through his neighbour's side window with a sack in his hand.  He knows his neighbour's are away and frightened Bogie lets out the shrillest sound ever heard which triggers the house alarm bringing firemen, police and others to the rescue. 

Bogie is recognized as a true hero and can you guess what his reward is?  It is something that brings a smile to his face and happiness to his heart every time.  He receives pats, parties and people who are grateful for the little guy and want to shower him with their praise and affection, and reward him with tons of cheese!  Bogie smiles big as the cameras flash and everyone shouts out....."Bogie, say cheese!" Yes!!  Life was good but now it is even better.  

The illusrations are colourful and expressive.  The author has written some terrific life lessons that Bogie has learned and encourages everyone to think about shelter dogs and if perhaps there might be a place in your heart to adopt one.  Home is where your dog is. 

About the author...

Many people vacationing on the beaches of the Outer Banks unknowingly encouraged Janice to write her first book. Their friendliness, questions, and interest in her rescue dogs often prompted her to tell stories, much like the one in her first book. Often her walks on the beach spans into hours as people approach the family to chat and play with the dogs. The friendly environment reminds Janice of younger years when families knew each other and played together.

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