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Benjamin Buckingham and The Nightmare's Nightmare - a bookwrap


Benjamin Buckingham and The Nightmare's Nightmare
by Gregory Gershwin

What happens when you wake after a night of dreaming to find your favorite dinosaur character from your favorite TV show talking to you in your bedroom? You and the dinosaur panic!!! After nine year-old Benjamin Buckingham calms down, he chooses between chasing after the dinosaur into a secret world or… going to school. What Benjamin finds is an imaginative world with castles filled with people who create dreams. But, Benjamin discovers something else, something awful, something treacherous. An evil castle creates nightmares and the ruler of this castle wants to destroy all the dreams. Benjamin begins a quest to save a kidnapped king and finds talking animals, magical castles, and frightening monsters along the way. Will dreams survive? Will nightmares be destroyed? Will dinosaurs continue talking forever?

My take on the book...

     Benjamin Buckingham is a nine-year old boy from Pennsylvania.  He is having a hard time fitting in at school and is being mocked and bullied.  He finds his only true friends are his action hero talking Dinosaurs that he dreams about at night.  He wakes up and finds one of these Dinosaurs in his room and they both are startled and let out screams. The Dinosaur takes off running, slips under the bed and disappears into a beam of light....Benjamin jumps in after him and to his amazement discovers it is a portal to a new unknown world. His decision to follow will change his life forever.

     Benjamin encounters the dream world's King and they become friends.  Benjamin discovers if he does not return home immediatly he will be forced to stay in this strange world for a month.  The King tries to return Benjamin to his home but unfortunately they miss the portal (due to bad guy interference)  and poor Benjamin has no choice but to stay longer in this strange world.  The dream King is kidnapped and banished from the castle.  Since the King is the only one who can help Benjamin return home, Benjamin makes it his mission to rescue him because he knows that he is in deep trouble.  

     Through his fears and struggles Benjamin goes through a wonderful transformation.  Once a backward and awkward boy,  he morphs into a confident, happy one who learns self-worth and finds many friends who truly admire and respect who he is.  This story is a wonderful fantasy tale with many twists and turns that will keep you eagerly turning the pages to find out what will happen next.  Many life lessons can be gleaned from the characters pontifications.  If you like action, adventure, villains and heroes, dreams, and kids saving the day, then this book is definetly for you!   It is a creative and imaginative story about conquering your fears and believing in yourself making you a much better person indeed. 

About the author...

Gregory Gershwin was born in Pennsylvania and studied English Literature at Brown University. He now lives in New York City where he runs a very successful company that sells umbrellas to Tyrannosaurus Rex of all shapes and colors. He was previously the owner of a dating app which helped over 3,000 Stegosaurus find romance and love. And before that, he worked with a Brontosaurus to launch a successful Tex-Mex restaurant in Brooklyn. Contact him at

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