Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Mama's Right Here - a bookwrap

A mother's heart...

Unwrapping today's book....

Authored by Susan Kerner

Illustrated by Estelle Corke

The watercolour illustrations are just beautiful.  Each are like a painting you can become part of. The colour pallet is bright and the pictures are dreamlike.  Each picture is capable of telling a story all on its own.

     This tender, charming book tells the story of a mother that is absent from a little girl's life.  The little girl experiences her mother's spirit all around her in her daily routines, although physically her mama is not there.  

"If you ask me where mama is
This is what I'll say:
She's in me and around me, never ever far away."

      This book is written in rhyme.  The words flow rhythmically  from one page to the next pulling you into the narrative.  The little girl lovingly receives support and guidance from her dad and grandparents. They know and understand how much the little girl is pining for her mother -  that stroke on her back and that goodnight kiss before she snuggles down to sleep at bedtime.  

     She discovers her mom in the golden glow of the afternoon sun, in the feather-soft snow, in the dandelion seeds that float through the air and in the rustling autumn leaves.  She feels her mom's presence all around her each day.  Her beloved family tells her she is her mother's child in the way she crinkles up her nose and in her amazing creative nature.  Although she longs for her mother to be by her side she comes to the realization....

"My mama is in me and everywhere-
she's just here in a different way."

What a beautiful tale to share with a child whose mother may be absent on a long trip,  tucked away in the hospital for a long stay, or has passed on.  The little girl is assured in her heart that no matter where her mother is she is cherished.  She knows in her spirit that her mother is indeed watching over her every moment of the day.  I highly recommend this heartwarming book.

About the author ...

Shortly after marrying the love of her life, Susan lost her husband to cancer while she was expecting their first child. Always By My Side, Susan ’s first picture book, is inspired by her own experience. Susan lives in New York City with her daughter, Lily. A companion book, Mama ’s Right Here, will be also published by Star Bright Books.

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