Friday, May 22, 2015

Math at the Art Museum - a bookwrap

Quotes by famous artists...


Authored by Group Majoongul
Illustrations by Yun-ju Kim
Ages 3-5

Winner of the Bologna Ragazzi Award

Unwrapping the illustrations to take a peek...

     This charming book is from "The Tan Tan Math Story" series.  It is a wonderful way to expose children to math concepts.  It introduces concepts that are found in our surroundings to give children a fresh perspective on math in art.  

     A family consisting of father, mother, sister and brother decide to visit an art museum.  The museum is exhibiting masterpieces where mathematical concepts in the paintings can be drawn out from the art.  The family happily tours the gallery stopping by to study each painting carefully thus extracting those mathematical elements.  

     On display are works from Jasper Johns, "0 through 9", Wassily Kandinsky, "In the Black Square," Fernand LΓ©ger, "Mechanical Elements," Pablo Picasso, "Marie-ThΓ©rΓ¨se", and Salvador Dali, "The Persistence of Memory," just to name a few.  Geometric shapes, spheres and cylinders, directions and angles, distance, depth and patterns are highlighted to the delight of the observers.  

     A section at the end of the book further expands on these ideas and allows a deeper understanding by allowing the reader to create mathematical art himself.  Engaging in these activities will guarantee the reader a richer, more comprehensive reading experience of the book.  I think this book should be in school libraries, classrooms and is perfect for homeschoolers.  

Read on and read always!

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