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Open Mic Wednesday - The Giving Tree

The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein is fifty!  Come celebrate with a special edition that features a stunning metallic green jacket and a gold anniversary sticker.   

I welcome my friend Maria Psanis to the mic this morning to share her insights about this fabulous book....

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In her own words...

     Shel Silverstein is one of my favorite writers. His books such as A LIGHT IN THE ATTIC, THE MISSING PIECE, WHERE THE SIDEWALK END, RUNNY BABBIT,
LAFCADIO: THE LION WHO SHOT BACK, are  just a few to mention that bring a giggle to my belly and  soul. 

     The children in my family who are no longer children still remember me and how I would stand tall and recite SilverStein's poetry with.  So many gestures would spark joy and laughter in the room even for myself. We just loved him and we still do. "If you are a dreamer, Come in, If you are a dreamer, A wisher, a liar, A hope-er, a pray-er , A magic bean buyer...Come in...for where the sidewalk ends, Shel SilverStein's world begins...

     But today I'm not here to recite his poetry. I'm here to tell you about his story "The Giving Tree". The book is illustrated in black and white drawings by the author. They're simple yet capture the eye. The story warms the heart and soul. It's about a tree. A female tree who loves a little Boy. The little Boy also loves the tree and uses her leaves in making crowns and playing King of the forest. He climbs her, swings from her branches and eats her apples. He even plays hide-and-go-seek, and sleeps in her shade. The Boy loves the tree. 

     As the Boy  grows older, the tree is often alone. The Boy feels he is too big and doesn't want to do everything he used to do as a Boy. He just wants money, but the tree doesn't have money... only apples. She tells the Boy to take her apples and sell them to make money. And the Boy does so. And they both are happy. 

     After this the Boy stays away for a long-long time. The tree is very sad. And then one day the Boy comes back asking for a house, a wife and children. The tree tells him that he can cut off her branches and build a house. The Boy does so. The Boy again stays away for a long time. He returns once again and he wants something new. He wants a boat to sail away in. The selfless tree again affords her trunk to be cut down so the Boy can be happy. Her trunk is nearly all gone. 

     After a long time the Boy, no longer a Boy, no longer a young adult, no longer an adult, but a tired old man comes back again. The tree has no more to give, but she does have her old stump left. This time the Boy doesn't ask for something ... just a quiet place to sit and rest. The tree invites him to sit down and rest on her stump. The Boy does so. The tree once again is very happy. 

     This story touches the heart with a bit of sadness, yet it is powerful in its message, in the gift of giving, and the ability to love unconditionally.

 Some illustrations for you to enjoy...

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