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Ralph's World Rocks and Reads! - a CD bookwrap


Ralph's World Rocks and Reads

Ages 4-8

Unwrapping the content...

Award-winning musician and song-writer Ralph Covert offers a rockin', stompin' adventure in music, jokes and opportunities to participate for little kids and their parents.  

This family-friendly CD is educational and the soft rock hits allow the kid's to learn, dance and happily play.  The collection of favourite songs is based on Covert's children books, and is presented in a gift-ready, eco-friendly package including a mini-picture book.  

The songs emphasize the joy and excitement of reading, luring kids in on a wave of witty lyrics and rocking tunes.  Covert has long linked his music to reading and language.

"Recent research (including work at Northwestern University Brainvolt lab) shows that music enhances literacy, and Ralph's own experiences have helped him realize the crucial role parents play in helping kids learn to love reading."  

"I was the kind of kid who checked out 10 books at a time from the library, and my parents really encouraged me, but not all kids start out like that."

Ralph's World has won numerous awards and critical acclaim for his 11 children's albums. He tours the nation to sold-out crowds and although big ticket shows are fun, smaller shows help him develop as an artist.  

"When I'm in a room with 10 parents and 10 kids, I can really interact and discover what works and what doesn't.  It's instant feedback, and it is so much fun."

Visit Ralph's World concert and Facebook pages for his latest updates, and visit Ralph's World YouTube channel. 

Here is Ralph's World Rock and Reads play list:

1. Follow The Leader And Dance

2. Welcome To Christmas Wood

3. Me And My Animal Friends
4. Monster
5. We Are Ants
6. Freddy Bear The Teddy Bear
7. Harry's Haunted Halloween Circus
8. Happy Lemons
9. Dumptruck
10. Peggy's Pie Parlor
11. Emily Miller
12. Do The Math
13. Surfin' In My Imagination
14. River Flow
15.Sunny Day Rainy Day Anytime
16. Old Red #7
17. Sawdust And Spangles

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About Ralph...

Created by Ralph Covert, a children's book author and indie rocker, Ralph's World is a musical sensation that is geared toward children with the approval of their parents. Touring with his band, the group released the album "All Around Ralph's World" by Bar/None Records along with eight other Disney Sound CDs. One of the only children's musical artists to headline a nationwide tour, everyone loves Ralph's World.

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