Saturday, July 25, 2015

Travel apps for kids - enjoy!

Summer is that time of the year when we pack up our kids and take off to the cottage, off on a well-deserved vacation at home or abroad, or simply take a day trip around your city.  Our kids are buckled in for their safety (and it is the law by the way) and they get bored very easily sitting still in one place inside the car, plane or whatever mode of transportation you are using.  Here are some apps that just might make your trip a bit more pleasant by keeping your kids entertained as you zoom around the countryside.  If you do not have a iPad or iPhone another thing is to pack a backpack full of their favourite books to browse through and savour.  Books are portable, engaging, educational, and always in fashion.  

Unwrapping some travel humour...

"App"arently these apps are amazing...

Bogga Vacation App


Pack your things and fly off to a tropical island, build sand castles, make your own juice and go treasure hunting!

● Listed as "Favourite Road Trip App 2015" by

Bogga Vacation is packed with super fun activities that stimulates creativity and logic. Enjoy a summer trip whenever you feel like it!

"From the soothing sounds of the ocean as kids build sand castles to the fly buzzing around as kids pack their suitcase, the graphics and sounds make Bogga Vacation a high-quality app."

"Fun, engaging and great learning app for the young ones, with a well designed intuitive interface."

"The app is very well-suited for the youngest users."

"The Bogga Vacation app greatly brings tropical fun onto the iPad and iPhone for kids, with nice educational concepts."

"This sweet, summery app walks kids through each step of the trip."

* A suitcase with things you need for the trip
* Tickets and passport
* A cute airplane
* Tools for castle making
* A camera for taking snapshots of your designed castle
* Various fruits for juice making
* Map and binocular for treasure hunting
* No stress, just play and the joy of discovering
* Original colorful design
* No third-party advertising
* No in-app purchases

Crayola Color, Draw and Sing

Crayola Color, Draw and Sing is a fun creativity app that combines the best of both art and music! Adding to the colors in your picture actually completes your song! A new instrument track is unlocked with each artistic choice. Learn the names of instruments and how they combine to create a song. Fun for the whole family!

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