Monday, August 24, 2015

Ben and Max: An Unlikely Friendship - a bookwrap


Written by Susan B. and illustrated by Debbie Hefke
Ages 7-9

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About the book...

Who would have thought that a friendly little mouse named Max could befriend a big old grouchy bear named Ben? A very unlikely
friendship indeed.  

Ben is not really grouchy you see, he's lonely and scared because he is afraid of being rejected.  Max, undaunted, walks right up to him and says;  "I have always admired bears and I would like to be your friend." After a bit of hesitation, Ben, tickled to the bone, accepts the invitation and a great friendship ensues. 

A sneaky, sly fox comes into the forest and tries sabotaging their special relationship because he covets what they both have.  Will he be successful at destroying this beautiful harmony between both Max and Ben and the entire forest community?  

This book has a message that not only children but adults can learn from:

"The book includes discussion questions to help parents and other caregivers teach kids about the issues that can challenge friendship, such as gossip, envy, miscommunication, anger, and the “Golden Rule” of treating others as we wish to be treated.

The story and discussion questions gives children an opportunity to think about better ways they can react when confronted with these issues in their social lives." 

A fun component is that the adjectives are displayed in large, colourful fonts to aid children who may need a little help with any reading challenges.  

About the author...

“Susan B.” is the pseudonym used by the author for a number of her books. She originally wrote Ben and Max: An Unlikely Friendship when her son was four years old in 1994. Susan primarily writes non-fiction about women’s health and other such topics. Ben and Max: An Unlikely Friendship is her first children’s book. She is delighted that it has finally come to life through the brilliant artistry of Debbie Hefke, illustrator.

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