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Where do a lot of books live? - bookwraps and wraps and wraps

Unwrapping some library humour...

Why the library is the place to be...

There is nothing more exciting than seeing the look on your child's face when he is handed his very own library have and to hold until......  Well let's not be too dramatic here, but it does pave the way for your child to become a successful lifelong reader which is a very good thing as Martha Stewart would say.

The library is a place where kids can feel at home, strike up a relationship with the librarian, and other like-minded readers.  The librarians are just amazing people that help kids select books and even better, encourage them to choose books that they are interested in.   Libraries play an essential role in both families lives and communities.  

Here are five good reasons why you should take your child and check out your local library very soon:

1.  Let's face it...  Regular visits to the library encourages more reading.  Research shows that reading aids in brain development, especially in your child's first five years.  When kid's read their brain cell activate, existing brain cells are strengthened, and new cell links are produced.  How cool is that?  

Reading connects children to their language (and languages of others) and let's be reminded of the bond created when children are read aloud is a very intimate time between the reader and the listener.  Reading to your child tells them they are important and you are more than willing to give him time to enjoy reading together.

2.  Let's face it...  The Library is the home of thousands upon thousands of books and magazines, much more than you could ever afford to buy for your child.  The library books are free!  You can afford to choose a whole stack of books and take them home and it doesn't cost you a penny unless you are forgetful and they become overdue.  But a good life lesson from that faux pas is that you teach your child responsibility and consequences if you happen to mess up. Your child can worry and pressure-free browse the shelves and pick what they like to read.

3. Let's face it... Your local librarian is trained and very excellent at her /his job.  She may know and suggest books that you are not even aware of.  These treasures can certainly broaden your child's taste in reading while expanding his mind and vocabulary.

4.  Let's face it... The Library is not boring and antiquated.  It is continually buzzing. A place where kids and adults engage.  Most libraries offer kid's programmes with drama, puppets, sing-a-longs, costumes, and interactive stories etc.  It is far, far from being boring.  Often these events are staged in quiet, cozy corners where kids can flop down on big pillows, bean-bag chairs or plushy carpets and enjoy the celebration of the book(s) being read aloud that day.

5. Let's face it... Owning a library card teaches kids responsibility. Kids learn to treat books etc. with care because others will be borrowing those items too.  When a child checks out a book using his own name he feels empowered and trustworthy with a high level of responsibility.  He feels part of his community and his first library card is certainly an early rite of passage.  

So take your child over to the library and get him started on a brand new adventure in reading.  After he receives his card go off and celebrate with ice cream and cupcake and be sure to take a photo so he will have that memory forever.  And you know what's even better? .......Go home and read some of those library books together.  

Read on and read always!

It's a wrap.

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