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Fifteen Dollars and Thirty-Five Cents : a bookwrap

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Authored by Kathryn Cole
Illustrated by Qin Leng
Ages 5-8
Grades 1-3

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About the book...

Two good buddies, Joseph and Devon,  find $15.35 cents in the schoolyard.  Joseph is ecstatic, picks up the money and pockets it with huge smile on his face.  Devon, on the other hand, thinks that the two should find the owner of the money and give it back.  They see their classmate Lin looking downcast and sad because she lost that exact amount of money and can't find it anywhere.  

"She's upset because she lost the money she had for her mother's birthday present. She saved her allowance for weeks and weeks, but it fell out of her pocket."

Devon's heart is honest and touched, as he tries to persuade Joseph to return the money to Lin, it's rightful owner.  Trying to get Joseph to give up that money will not be an easy task but with the help of their teacher, Ms. Crosby, and a conscience that wants to be cleared, Joseph finally makes the right decision, even though it is very hard for him to do so.  In the end he knows deep in his heart it is the right thing to do and everyone comes out a winner and smiling.

The illustrations are expressive and crisp.  The message of the book is about making right choices and it is from the"I'M A GREAT KID SERIES".  It would be a wonderful read aloud with a discussion to follow up.  Every child needs to know that "honesty is the policy".

"Toronto illustrator Qin Leng presents a diverse cast of characters in publishing veteran Kathryn Cole's latest addition to the I'm a Great Little Kid series... The lessons are clear, but Cole delivers them with style, subtlety, and a dash of humour." - Quill & Quire

About the author and illustrator...

Kathryn Cole has a long career in children’s books as an illustrator, art director, editor, designer and publisher. The books she has overseen have won multiple awards, including four Governor General’s Awards. Kathryn volunteered as a support to parents for thirteen years with BOOST in its crisis-support and court-preparation groups. She is co-managing editor at Second Story Press and lives in Toronto, Ontario.

Qin Leng was born in Shanghai, China and lived in France before moving to Montreal. She now works as a designer and illustrator in Toronto and is the illustrator of a number of award-winning children’s books.

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