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How the Trees Got Their Voice - a bookwrap


Authored and illustrated by Susan Andra Lion

Illustrations that are stunning for you...

About the book...

This magical, enchanting book was written to make young readers aware of the connection between all living things here on earth.  While camping with a group of girls, the author was given a revelation about trees, nature, and the delicate, special relationship within the forest ecosystem.  

Lion stimulates imaginations as she tells the children how Mother Earth gave the trees their voices and she teaches them how the inhabitants of the earth must live together and be committed to look after each other. The author emphasizes the value of respecting all forms of life and awakens the obligation inside everyone of us to the importance of caring and respecting all living things.

This stunning book tells a story on two levels.  The first is the storyline itself and the second story expounds on the animals, plants, birds, and the very Earth itself.  The second being told by displays of facts that are placed all around the periphery of every page.  What a brilliant idea!  

"This medium of a two-level story about the forest, the Earth and the environment creates a unique, shared experience between children and the people who read to them because they are sharing the visual experience of this wonderful story and the forest world together.  But it is also one of the loveliest books that readers will ever hold in their hands, noted Karen Stuth, owner of Satiama, LLC, a Palmer Lake, Colorado-based publishing company that has brought the book forward."

The illustrations are truly mesmerizing and capture the aura of the book perfectly.  It was awarded 12 national awards and honours:

Winner of the Moonbeam Children's Literacy Award -- Mind, Body, Spirit Category. Winner of the Mom's Choice Award Gold Medal; Winner of Creative Child Magazine 2014 Book of the Year; Overall Winner, 2015 Next Generation Indie Awards, Best Design Fiction; Finalist, 2015 Next Generation Indie Awards, New Age Category; National Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA) Silver award winner; Coalition of Visionary Resources: Winner -- Visionary Fiction Category; Winner -- People's Choice Award Book of the Year 2015; Finalist, Children's and Teens Books; Finalist, Conscious Living Books; Winner 2015 International Book Awards: Children's Mind/Body/Spirit category. 

This would be the ideal gift to give to the child in your life.  It would be perfect for the approaching holiday season, but why wait?  Enjoy a copy now.  I know you will be more than pleased with this impressive book.

About the author...

I've always been connected to nature. 

Even as a kid, I was the one observing butterflies and listening to the sounds of birds in the trees. I loved winter in Fargo, sailing across the ice rink in a stiff wind. It wasn't until I started college that I took an official art class and even though it wasn't what I came to study, I changed my major to graphic design. 

As a designer and illustrator, I have worked in a variety of studios and positions and currently own my own design studio. I work with a diverse number of clients, from healthcare, high tech, and environmental companies to small start-up businesses. My design business includes book design and illustration, including award-winning works about self-discovery, adult memoirs, and children's picture books. As an illustrator and fine artist, I have work in private collections, one-person exhibits, and art shows.

My own book, How the Trees Got Their Voices, which I wrote and illustrated, has received more than 12 national awards and accolades. But I am most honored that it has touched countless numbers of young readers who are excited to learn more about their amazing planet in a way that's engaging and visually rich.

Read on and read always!

It's a wrap.

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