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Pigtastic! - a bookwrap

Quotes about being yourself...


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About the book...

I loved the message of this book.  Piggy allows his emotions to get him down when he hears chatter from others about himself.  He tries to change his appearance by constantly working out and then suddenly he has an epiphany....he comes to the realization that he is great...just the way he is!  In fact he is PIGTASTIC!!!

He discovers that his happiness and self-worth does not revolve about what other people say to him or about him or even how he looks on the outside. He senses deep within his heart that it's the inside of him that counts:

"inside I have a heart of gold,
and that's all that matters!"

After this profound revelation he makes a significant life change.  He surrounds himself with friends (like his reader) so that he can have exciting times travelling abroad (to France, England, or Ireland), having fun with his image (oooh, sunglasses make me a cool dude for sure), and trying new adventures like skateboarding, dancing and being over dramatic in his flowing super hero cape!   

He discovers it's not about how others perceive you but how true friends will love you uncondionally.  They will give you wings to fly and permission to accept yourself for who you truly are...unique and amazing...YOU!  Let's all learn a lesson from Piggy and realize that we all can be PIGTASTIC too!!!

About the author...

Scott Gordon is the author of over 100 children's books, including My Little Pet Dragon, My Crazy Pet Frog, Pigtastic, A Little Book About You, A Pocketful of Dinosaurs, Ninja Robot Repairmen and If I Were A Robot. Currently he is hard at work on multiple projects: Secret Agent Disco Dancer, Braedyn Bunny and the Missing Eggs, Baby Bee, Aveline & the Great Pumpkin Patch and more!


Books are available in English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese and Indonesian. Croatian, Bosnian, Serbian, Polish, Hindi, Russian, Arabic, Japanese and Madarin Chinese versions will appear in the future.

Scott Gordon also writes science fiction, fantasy and horror novels under the name S.E. Gordon. His latest release is Netherstream Episode 1: Jane Doe.

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