Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Penelope Perfect - a bookwrap

Unwrapping some perfect quotes...

Unwrapping today today's book...

Authored by Shannon Anderson and illustrated by Katie Kath

Ages 5-9

Unwrapping some illustrations for you to peek at...

About the book...

I love everything about the book.  Written in rhyme, the storyline is engaging and the illustrations are full of detail, humour and perfectly enrich the author's narrative. 

Penelope prides herself on being a perfectionist.  

"They call me Penelope Perfect.
If you know me, I'm sure you agree.

Have you ever heard of Old Faithful?
Well, That geyser has nothin' on me!"

Everything she does whether it be waking up at 5 every morning (on the dot), cleaning her room (until it's spotless and shiny), exercising precisely from her exercise chart (10 jumping jacks please), or eating her heart-shaped pancakes that her mom makes her for breakfast every morning (yum!yum!), has to be regimented and incisively on time each day. Penelope is meticulous and precise in all her daily endeavours.  

At school she is known for skipping recess to get her lessons rewritten properly and on the bus home she completes her assigned homework.  Everything she does is done flawlessly and with determination, until one day there's a huge storm in the middle of the night in her neighbourhood and the power goes off causing her impeccable, controlled world to become unplugged.

Penelope's alarm does not go off and this throws her whole routine, her whole day, and must I add her whole LIFE into chaos and confusion.  She has lost control and must go with the flow ... fluidly moving through her day ... powerless. Penelope learns some valuable life lessons because of this mishap: it is alright to play with the other kids at recess, it's o.k. to have wrinkled clothes and messy hair, it's fine to get a B+ on a test and it's great to leave time to play outside and goof off a bit....

"I've learned not to make life a checklist.
That doesn't mean I'm lazy.

It's all right to go with the flow sometimes,
And not make myself so crazy.!"

She learns not to worry so much, be happy and free, and enjoy just being herself...Penelope!

About the author...

Shannon Andersonhas her master’s degree in education and is a literacy coach, high ability coordinator, adjunct professor, and former first-grade teacher. She loves spending time with her family, playing with words, teaching kids and adults, running very early in the morning, traveling to new places, and eating ice cream. She also enjoys doing author visits and events. Shannon lives in Indiana with her husband Matt and their daughters Emily and Madison.

About the illustrator...

Katie Kath is an international award-winning freelance illustrator who creates book and magazine artwork for children of all ages, as well as for young adults. She currently lives in the rolling hills of North Carolina with her husband and their cat, and she tries not to be a perfectionist—sometimes.

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