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The Big Penguin Party - a bookwrap


The Big Penguin Party
A Find Me If You Can Adventure!

By Christian and Fabian Jeremies

Ages 3-7

Unwrapping the incredible illustrations...

About the book...

  This book is truly incredible!  The illustrations are brimming with activity, humour and fun.  The amount of work that went into each page is mind-boggling. 

Grandma Penguin is turning 90 and her big birthday bash is about to begin.  The mayor is coming over shortly to congratulate her on her very special day and he's bringing a photographer to capture her special celebration. By alas, poor Grandma has misplaced parts of her costume and needs help to locate them before his arrival.  Where, oh where could they all be?

All 90 family members, especially Peter, Percy, Gobble, Grandma herself, Uncle Charlie, and Aunt Esmerelda help with the search.  That many invited guests can create quite a mess so Grandma is asking you (the reader)  too help her locate those missing costume pieces so she will look stunning for her up-coming photo shoot.

This new discovery book is in the tradition of "I Spy" and "Where's Waldo" and is sure to have your child totally immersed in this "find me if you can adventure."  

Introducing the authors...

They illustrate many years, school books. Now have Christian and Fabian Jeremies (35) with "Poldi and Paulie - the great Penguin Party" released their first, own storybook.

"We've always drawn," remembers Fabian Jeremies, who in Castrop-Rauxel has its domicile. "We come from a creative family. Our father also painted. "Together with twin brother Christian the desire to be professionally active in the graphics area grew.

When Reinschnuppern during an internship was the brothers realized that they had graphics to dry. "The actual craft is too short," explains Fabian Jeremies. Therefore, the two decided to study under the Civilian Service Design in MΓΌnster.

The fact that they had the same career aspirations, together studying and working together since the end of their studies, Fabian Jeremies sees no coincidence: "I think this is such a twin thing. Gemini combines a narrow band. "In addition, the two in tandem could have advantages. "Illustration is the book market is highly competitive. The two of us have more options, "says Fabian Jeremies is safe.

"Poldi and Paulie - the large penguin party" is the title of the book, in which the two brothers not only supplied the illustrations, but also worked as authors. "It has always been our desire to make a book," says Fabian Jeremies. "It's a really great feeling to realize their own ideas as a writer and illustrated."

Read on and read always!

It's a wrap.

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