Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Elwood Bigfoot - a bookwrap


By Jill Esbaum and illustrated by Nate Wragg

Advance Praise for Elwood Bigfoot!

"Bright, enticing cartoon illustrations and a character many can identify with will hook storytimers and new readers."

-Kirkus Reviews

Unwrapping some illustrations for you to peek at...

About the book...

Elwood is a big, clunky, LOUD guy and he is extremely lonely. He does everything by himself and he desperately wants to make friends, especially with the birdies.  He hears them chirping and sees them flitting here and there, having fun together. He truly  wants to be their friend and part of their community.  Every time a birdie swoops by and he yells "STAY", they freak out and fly quickly away.  

He tries many different things to befriend them:  he hangs out on a tree branch, makes himself a faux wooden beak and sticks abandoned feathers all over himself, trying to blend in and belong.  He builds his very own tree house to live in close proximity to them and then throws a huge housewarming party inviting them all to come. The birdies decline. He is heartbroken.  Why? What is he doing so wrong that they will not accept him? As a last ditch effort he decides to build a birdie theme park complete with birdie snacks and a pool. That should make them like him for sure.  Alas, once again they decline.  No matter what he does he can't seem to fit in and make friends with them.  

Elwood, totally heartbroken, resigns himself to the fact that his dream will never come true so just gives up.  He has nothing left to try or to give.  

As he is laying face down in his misery, totally silent and still, a very strange thing begins to happen.... Elwood finally discovers why he repels the fragile little birdies?  In his quiet reflective timeout the truth is finally revealed to him, one little birdie at a time, making Elwood a very, very happy and popular Bigfoot.

I love the bright, bold illustrations and the fact the Elwood's emotions are depicted perfectly.  It is a wonderful book and I highly recommend it.

About the author...

I’ve always loved to read. Books, magazines, the backs of cereal boxes – you name it. Reading lets me step into someone else’s shoes for a time, meet new friends, even explore worlds very different from my own.

I love writing for many of the same reasons. And it’s fun, but not easy. Like mastering the saxophone or kicking field goals, writing takes practice, practice, and more practice - or as I prefer to think of it, unlimited do-overs!


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