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Princess Charlotte and the Pea - a bookwrap

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Author and illustrator:  Sally Huss

Ages:  2-8

Unwrapping some illustrations for you...

About the book...

Written in rhyme, this delightful book is the perfect choice for a bedtime cuddle.  It is based on the 19th century tale by Hans Christian Anderson, The Princess and the Pea," with a modern day twist.  

Jacob is summoned by the prince and sent forth to find a girl that will be a worthy princess.  

"If there's one thing she should be, it is to have the quality of sensitivity. She must be SENSITIVE!"

Jacob takes these words to heart and strikes out to find the perfect match.  He decides to hide a pea under a stack of mattresses and the true princess will be able to detect it unequivocally because of her keen sensitivity. 

Young hopefuls are dragged by family members from far and wide, hoping to be the princess that the prince longs for.  Alas most are spurned until it comes time for Charlotte Divine to climb on top of those mattresses. She passes the test with flying colours - easy peasy - and is quickly escorted back to the castle to meet the charming prince.  Is he smitten at first sight by Charlotte, fall to his knees and ask for her hand in marriage right then and there? Is this a "and they-lived-happily-ever-after tale" now... end of story?  Not so fast...

Charlotte has a stipulation of her own before she will commit to the prince.  It shocks those who attends to him... imagine a common girl asking such of thing of him.  Did he oblige her and take on the challenge she proposes to him in order to allow him to propose to her?  Did he pass HER test?  You will have to read this wonderful little book to find out.  You will smile as girl power prevails and the prince agrees to Charlotte's scrutiny. 

The illustrations are so adorable.  The colour palette perfect for a princess and the message of equality in a relationship is very relevant for today's young reader.  I highly recommend "Princess Charlotte and the Pea."

About the author...

For years I have wanted to do what I am doing now -- writing and illustrating my  children's books. Electronic drawing pads and e-books have made it possible for me to create and publish my own books -- and do so in quantity. In the past Harcourt Brace, Ten Speed Press, Thomas Nelson had only published a few.

The books were always squeezed in between art I needed to do to fill 26 Sally Huss Galleries (my degree was from USC in Fine Art); and licensing demands for clothing, greeting cards (American Greetings), purses, bibs, dinnerware, wallpaper; and the daily King Features Syndicated inspirational panel I do for newspapers called Happy Musings

Through the years my art and writings have found their way into homes from Hollywood to The White House and perhaps even your house or your mother's. 

Along with art, I have had a long history with tennis. In fact I was raised to be a champion (U.S. Junior and Wimbledon Champion, then a semi-finalist in the women's division at Wimbledonin singles and doubles). Later I became one of the top senior players in the country. This experience lead to my writing and illustrating a couple of books on the game -- EIGHT GOLDEN RULES FOR HOW TO PLAY YOUR BEST TENNIS (endorsed by Billie Jean King, Mary Carrillo, Dick Enberg, etc.) and LOVE LADIES LEAGUE TENNIS.

I mostly read the books of the French Philosopher Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov. For me, these present the clearest and most practical explanation of life and man's structure in it that I've come across. These light-filled pages send my heart soaring and give me food for my present work.

Presently I write, illustrate and paint in my Fallbrook, California studio where I live with my husband Marv on the art ranch of Jerome Gastaldi ( I also still play a bit of tennis and walk the hills daily.

Read on and read always!

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