Monday, September 28, 2015

Junk Drawer Chemistry - a bookwrap

Oh boy, who doesn't remember those good old days in high school in the chemistry lab.  All the possibilities set before you to mix,  stir and concoct those magic potions that you were instructed to create, all the time hoping everything would go according to plan and you wouldn't blow the place up.  Remember how you had to don the white lab coat and be extra careful with the expensive lab equipment because and it was your responsibility to take good care of it while you carefully conducted your scientific research.

You were brainwashed into thinking that experiments were only to take place in the safety of the lab under the discriminating eye of the nervous instructor and told never to try this at home?  Well here is a book today that will put those myths to rest.  "Junk  Drawer Chemistry", 50 AWESOME Experiments That Don't Cost a Thing" will inspire you and allow you to forget all about your previous teachings.  It will set you free to become an experimenting connoisseur of the highest level.  Enjoy!


Author:  Bobby Mercer
Ages: 9+

About the book...

Author and physics teacher Bobby Mercer guides and gives  scientific explanations as kids use every day household objects to carry out chemistry experiments in the comfort of their own home. He lays the process out simply ( step by step )  and with the help of black and white photos (visually helpful for sure ) they are easily accomplished. 

He includes such topics as: 

*Properties of Matter
*Atoms, Compounds, Elements, and the Periodic Table 
*Acids and Bases
*Radioactivity and Thermodynamics

They sound complicated but he has made doing these experiments not only challenging but also great fun for your budding scientist.  For example with "Solutions" you unveil - Pop in a Glass, Mysterious Floating Egg, Sweet Crystals, Milk Art, No-So-Permanent Marker, Chalk Chromatolgraphy, Energy Drink Test, and My Soda Has Gas.  How fun are they? Mercer then directs you to your private junk drawer to gather the precise equipment you will be needing to do the experiments, (and I love this part), he gives you the actual science behind it.  

He has inserted a glossary at the back of the book for extra information and knowledge.  All is kid-friendly and green because you are reusing and repurposing items around your home.  

"Junk Drawer Chemistry" is a handy resource for educators, parents, and children.  It is a perfect way to develop creativity with inexpensive fun.  

Bobby Mercer has been sharing the fun of science for more than two decades as a high school physics teacher. He is the author of Junk Drawer Physics, a 2015 AAAS/Subaru SB&F finalist; The Flying Machine Book; and The Racecar Book.

Read on and read always!

It's a wrap.

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