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Mighty Wolf - Album Release Concert, 01 Nov 2015


"Mighty Wolf"

by Jeff & Paige

A Musical Trip into the Wild

Ages 3-8

Set for release November 20th, 2015

Praise for the CD...

"Veteran children's  performers Kagan And Doughty really hit all the right notes... fun and educational, but never didactic.  Teachers will like using this album in class while families will enjoy listening to it over and over again.  A must-have for every collection."  
 - School Library Journal review of Jeff & Paige's Get Outdoors

"Really anything from Jeff Kagan and his partner Paige is great."
-Denver Parent

About the CD...

This is Jeff and Paige's 5th kid-friendly musical exploration of science and nature, "Mighty Wolf."  Winner of the prestigious Parent's Choice and Creative Child Magazine Awards, the duo have perfected a playful performance style that combines storytelling and class-act musical numbers that highlight the love of outdoors and respect for ecology. They never talk down to kids and impress the adults in their audience.  One parent reported: 

 "They are also wildly creative, funny, and goofy, with a wholesome goodness that brings kids, families, and communities together through their music and shows."

The CD features songs that highlight such topics as insect migration, Arctic adaptations, keystone species, ladybug ecology, spider anatomy, lightning safety, scavengers, nature appreciation, ungulates, and the Appalachian Trail, interspersed with colourful, informative narrative.  Their mission is to education people and connect them to the beautiful natural world through curiosity and excitement rather than doom and gloom.

"Mighty Wolf" Track List

Mighty Wolf
Meet Wolf!
Triple Rainbow
Ladybug Man
Aphid Banquet for Two
Just Because You're Scared of Spiders...
Black Widow
The Scavenger
Dead and Delicious
What is it?
Relaxing By The Fire
Grandma Gatewood
To The North Pole
The Arctic's Freezing
That's Not The Way
Plant More Milkweed Please
The Great Monarch Migration

About the Entertainers...

This husband - and - wife team met in graduate school at the Audubon Expedition Institute, where both were studying Environmental Education.  After receiving their Master of Science degrees, they decided to make the stage their science classroom and music-loving families their students.  Based in Boulder, Colorado, they've released four albums and played well over 600 eco-friendly shows since hitting the boards with the first performance in 2007.

Previous Jeff & Paige albums include, "Get Outdoors (2013), 21st Century Energy Superheroes (2011), Songs from the Trail (2009), and Rocky Mountain Tunes for Rocky Mountain Kids (2007). 

"Mighty Wolf" will be available at www.jeffandpaige.org, CDbaby, and iTunes.

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