Monday, October 5, 2015

Whose Afraid of the Ghost Train? - a bookwrap

Just in time for Hallowe'en this delightful book will be a treat for sure.  


Authored and illustrated by Frank Rodgers

Ages PS - Grade 3

Unwrapping some fun and creative illustrations...

About the book

"Robert's house was a perfectly ordinary sort of house.  But Robert thought it was full of scary things.  He had a big imagination."

He thought a dragon lived in the hall, a noisy steam train chugged through his kitchen, monsters lurked in his toilet and bathtub, bears were imbedded in the fur coats in the closet and little angry men lived under his bed.  How spine-chilling is that? 

Robert's pals teased him and tried to frighten him saying there were  dreadful creatures in their midst.  So Robert had a choice to make... to pick a fight or take to flight?  He chose flight and boy did he run.  He bumped into his Grandpa and together they discussed his unsubstantiated fears. His Grandpa used to be a lion tamer before he retired so he knew a thing or two about facing fears up close and personal.  What did he tell Robert that calmed him down and dismissed those nagging fears that kept nipping at his grandson like wild dogs?

Grandpa's wise advice seemed to have solved the problem because when Robert's friends asked him to join them on the Ghost Train ride at the local funfair, Robert heartily agreed.   Astonished by his answer they all boarded the train together and it whisked them past witches, ghosts, monsters and skeletons.  Oh my!

"Inside the Ghost Train it was scary and eerie and very, very dark."

Do you know who was scared the most?  Not Robert, in fact he used his imagination to turn the tables on his friends when the ride terminated and they scattered like a swarm of bees and hightailed it for home - scared silly.  

The illustrations are kid-friendly and non-scary.  There is a lot of emotion and action portrayed therein and creative imagination is certainly at play.  I highly recommend this book.  This would be a fun story to share with your little ones at this time of the year.  Come on everyone, " All abroad and ride the Ghost Train."

About the author...


Frank is a graduate of Glasgow School of Art and taught art in secondary schools before writing full time. He has written and illustrated over seventy children’s books for publishers including Puffin, Hodder, HarperCollins and Scholastic. Frank is among the most borrowed authors from libraries in Britain and his books have regularly featured on awards shortlists. His latest work is extremely funny illustrations for Murray the Horse by Gavin Puckett (Faber, 2015).
Frank lives in Glasgow with his wife, Liz, an artist. He amuses himself (but few others, he says) by playing guitar, piano, fiddle and mandolin.
  • 'Rodgers takes his readers on a compelling ride full of invention, strong characters and constant action… super plotting and storytelling skills.' The Guardian
  • Bestselling series The Witch’s Dog has sales of over 400,000 copies

Read on and read always!

It's a wrap.

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