Tuesday, October 6, 2015

And Then It Rained on Malcolm - a bookwrap


Written by Paige Feurer

Illustrated by Rich Farr 

Ages 3-6

Unwrapping the illustrations...

OMGosh they are just brilliant!

About the book...

Malcolm has great aspirations of playing outside in his sandbox, creating magnificent sandcastles and building an imaginative world tailor-made to his specifications. Then guess what?  Rain moves in soaking and washing away all his dreams of grandeur.  

At first Malcolm is upset.  Imagine the nerve of that rain to squelch his outdoor playtime.  But then he contrives a novel idea to partner with the rain and together they have an adventure extraordinaire.  He trucks inside, dons his red boots, his red coat and his goggles and forges back out ready to celebrate his rainy day.  

He splashes, he thrashes, he throws himself in muddy puddles soaking his dog who is not impressed.  Wiggly worms squirm into his boots, his hair and his coat, tickling him and making him giggle and laugh. 

He runs through the mud, through the sand and right into the house where he runs into .... Mom!  She is not impressed either! Oh my...he's in big trouble.

How can Malcolm fix this problem?  Is he able to bail himself out and get back into Mom's good books?  Well grab a copy of this fabulous book and find out.

"Debut author/illustrator team Paige Feurer and Rich Farr are sure to bring out the giggles in this silly and imaginative story of a little boy who finds the silver lining in the rain clouds that come his way."

There certainly is a rainbow at the end of this book because this book is pure gold. 

About the author...

Paige Feurer is a child psychologist and former teacher.  While studying in Vancouver, Canada and Lancaster, England, she learned that a little rain shouldn't stop you from playing.  Paige lives in Calgary with  her two daughters and makes the most of all rain showers that come her way.

About the illustrator...

Rich Farr has been designing and illustrating professionally for over seventeen years.  Having recently left the rain of Victoria, Canada, behind, he now lives in the snowy tundra of Calgary with his two sons.  Whenever possible, Rich stomps in puddles, plays in the mud, and makes messes.

 Read on and read always!

It's a wrap.

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