Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Awkward Owl - a bookwrap

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Today's tale is about a little irregular owl.  He is different than all the others and doesn't know how to become regular like his fellow peers.  It is a book for beginning readers created with simple vocabulary and clean, crisp illustratins so there's limited distraction from the text. It's all wrapped around a heartwarming story about the power and magic of love. Enjoy!


Written and illustrated by Shawnda Blake

Ages 3-7

Unwrapping the illustrations...

My review...

What a sweet sentimental book with such an adorable little owl as the main character.  

'"Once there was an awkward owl." Thus begins the tale...

Other owls can swoop and soar and play loop-the-loop in the sky while the awkward little owl can only flop around, flail his wings  and be made the butt of jokes by observers passing by.  One day he flies smack-dab into a big old oak tree and a little girl who has observed the mishap tenderly scoops him up and takes him home.  

Her mother does not want that "thing" inside the house so the young girl makes a home for him outside in a little shed.  She takes very good care of him, feeding him nutritious food, bringing him clean water to drink every day and loving on him so... all the while worrying about why he can't fly like the other owls.  

When love is dispensed abundantly that love is most often returned, and that's just what happens between these two.  The sporatic owl loves her back so much that he decides to give flying another go one more time.  Can he actually do it? Will he disappoint her if he is unable to take flight and soar?  What do you think will happened? 

This book is gentle and full of support and friendship.  It encourages children to become involved with nature and our beloved animals and try to their best to care for them and take responsibility for their well-being.  I loved the illustrations with all their expressions and action.  The message of the book is positive and it will be a lovely life lesson to pass on to your children.

About the author/illustrator...

Author/Illustrator Shawnda Blake lives in central Missouri with her husband, three kids, a dog, a cat and three guinea pigs. 


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