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What Does God Look Like? - an adult bookwrap

I think most people on the planet have wondered if there truly is a God and if so what does He look like?  Is he white? Black? Female? Both? Who knows for sure?  Some people have had a death experience and have claimed to been transported to heaven and actually encountered Him.  This a book about one man's experience  and how it affected him for the rest of his life.


"What Does God Look Like?"
A Journey to the Other Side

Authored by James L. Dickerson

Unwrapping some photos from the book...

About the book...

This is an inspirational true story of a young boy and his father who go off on a fishing trip and a terrible tragedy occurs.  The horrific disaster transports the two through a velvet tunnel and right into the very presence of God.  They are told by God that there has been an error, only one person is to be standing before him but because the two souls had clung so tightly together on ascent, only one will be allowed to stay in heaven.  God sends James back to earth to tell his story and to do good works for the rest of his life.

The book reveals the author's life journey and how he carries out the requests mandated to him by a sovereign God he actually saw.   The book informs the reader of other near-death experiences by the author and how miraculous interventions continues him to live on, just as God had promised him on that fateful day he stood before Him.  

"What Does God Look Like?" will strengthen the faith of believers and challenge the arguments of non-believers." Most importantly it provides an eye-witness account of what readers will experience when their turn comes to cross over to the other side."

About the author...

James L. Dickerson, has written more than thirty books, worked as a staff writer at The Commercial Appeal, the Clarion-Ledger, Jackson Daily News, the Greenwood, MS Commonwealth, and the Delta Democrat-times.  In Addition, he has worked for social service agencies at which he placed hundreds of children on adoption and in foster homes, and at a state mental health department where he worked with individuals with intellectual disabilities.  At the latter job, he created a program called "You've Got a Friend", which provided institutionalized individuals who never received visitors with friends who visited on a weekly basis to serve as mentors.   

FYI:   The cover image is a painting by award-winning Canadian artist Peter Doef.  The painting is in the author's private collection.

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