Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Twelve Days of Christmas in Canada - a bookwrap

O Canada! My home and native land... and that is true, that is where I live.  I love Canada, I love its uniqueness and especially its friendly and hospitable people. Today's book celebrates Canada at one of the best times of the year... Christmastime!  


Written by Ellen Warwick and Illustrated by Kim Smith

Ages 5-9 (And if you are Canadian - ageless) 

Unwrapping some illustrations ... they're good eh?

"The Twelve Days of Christmas in Canada" book is quality from beginning to end.  It is both extremely entertaining and highly educational - both those "e" words are worthy of two thumbs up when it comes to a high recommendation from me regarding a children's book - Canadiana highlighted at its finest for sure. 

Juliette is off to her grandmother and cousin Theo's house for the holidays.  They both live in the beautiful country of Canada.  She has been promised a whirlwind tour of one of the best countries in the world and was asked to bring her hat and mittens that grandmother knit because Canada is very cold at Christmastime. She was told to be prepared for the ice and snow and freezing weather.  Yep, that's winter in Canada alright.

She lands in Charlottetown, PEI and the trip across this spectacular land by plane, train, car, boat, and yes you guessed it, by dogsled ensues.  The journey takes her from sea to shining sea with lots of adventures and learning inbetween.  She visits province after province and Theo and Grandmother give her information on  the importance of each and fill her in on the contributions each make to their own country as well as globally.  The trio dance, munch, watch a hockey game (hockey is very big in Canada) and watch a mesmerizing aurora borealis (northern lights) light show in the heavenlies just to name a few of the exciting things she experiences on her junket.  

Juliette records her daily happenings and sends letters back home to  her parents telling them of her extraordinary Canuck escapades. The author has dedicated the back pages to inform the reader of Canadian inventions, amazing Canadian people, cool Canadian records, wacky Canadian landmarks, astounding Canadian history and last but not least, glorious Canadian nature. 

The illustrations are packed full of action, details, emotion, excitement and fun.  Sounds like a book well worth reading and passing on to others around you eh? 

About the author and illustrator...

Ellen Warwick lives in Toronto with her eleventh-generation Canadian daughter, Emma. Ellen is a tenth-generation Canadian, or so her grandma told her, which makes her really Canadian, eh? Ellen has worked in the publishing industry for nearly 20 years and has published more than ten children’s books.

Kim Smith lives in Calgary, Alberta, where she was born and raised. She lives with her husband, Eric, and a one-eyed goldfish named Goulash. Kim has traveled across Canada by car three times, enjoying great Canadian things along the way. Her other children’s books include A Ticket Around the World (Owlkids Books) and Over the River and Through the Wood (Sterling, 2015). Visit Kim online at tuckedaway.com

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