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Open Mic Wednesday....Welcome everyone!

As part of my Christmas theme on Storywraps I am featuring writers, illustrators, musicians etc., who have been part of the our community this year each week on Open Mic Wednesday.  I have requested that they take a few minutes of their time and let us know what their favourite Christmas story is and why it is their favourite.  I think it will be fun to see what stories have touched people’s hearts and made them feel good about this time of the festive time of the year. Graciously many have responded and I am very grateful that they feel comfortable sharing with us. 

Keep on creating gifted literary people.  You are giving our  reading world magnanimous gifts of beauty, laughter, adventure, and most of all happiness for each and every day of the year.

  Erin Kurt and her mom Laara Exsnar:

Currently, Erin has 3 books available in both print and digital form, with The Yummy Adventures of Celia and Cedric: Amazing Apples! being the book where Celia and Cedric first meet.   
Laara and Erin’s dream is to continue writing more books for the series, create an App for children to engage with, and to see a TV Show, based on the books, being created. 
Laara lives with her husand in Vancouver, Canada and Erin, with her husband and two children in London, England. Their mission is to lead children towards living healthy and happy lives. 

From Erin:   

"How The Grinch Who Stole Christmas by Dr. Suess.  This book stands out for me probably because I watched the original movie of it so often, however, I just loved this story because of how happy and cozy Christmas seemed in Who Village.  I also loved the theme that someone grumpy can be won over by kindness and love."

Frank Viva:

Frank Viva is an award-winning author/illustrator and graphic designer. His illustrations have appeared on the cover of The New Yorker, in The New York Times and many other places. His first picture book Along a Long Road was a 2011 New York Times Best Illustrated Book. Making books is his favorite thing to do.

"A Christmas Carol by Dickens was a favourite. It's a fairly short book and for a few years our family would read it aloud every Christmas Eve. It's a great story and the underlying message about the dangers of greed seemed like a good thing to revisit once every year."

Frank Rodgers:

Graduate of Glasgow School of Art. Taught in secondary schools until 1987. Up to this time was also an illustrator of children’s and adult books for Penguin, Harper Collins and Blackie, a recorded songwriter and writer of two rock musicals for the stage - one of them published by Samuel French. Became a full-time writer and illustrator in 1987. Since then has written and illustrated over seventy children’s books. His books have been published in Europe, Africa, the US and Asia, and in Britain have been chosen for the Book Federation’s annual recommended lists, appeared on Book Trust’s Top 100 Books of the Year and adapted for radio, tv and audiobook. He has also illustrated over thirty books by other authors.

About writer's work

I have written and illustrated a range of books for different age-groups… picture books, early readers, non-fiction and novels. Most of my recent work has been for developing readers in the 5-8 year-old age range – The Witch’s Dog, Robodog and Pirate Penguins series – all published by Puffin.

"There is one particular book I remember from my early childhood - a gorgeously illustrated Russian folk tale called 'The Little Humpbacked Horse'... the tale of a poor young farmer's son who, with the help of a magical horse, surmounts great difficulties and eventually marries a princess! It was given to me one  Christmas by a very characterful lady - a friend of the family and an honorary auntie who had a wonderful collection of books from all over the world. I think this particular edition of the story may have been published in the 1940s though I'm not sure. It was beautifully illustrated with blue and gold line drawings and I used to sit for ages reading the rhyming text and pouring over the detail in the drawings. Later editions of the story are illustrated in full colour but the elegance of those old two-tone pages has stayed with me throughout my life. But, like so many of the things from childhood, the book was lost or misplaced.. and its loss only regretted when one looks back as an adult and remembers. I would dearly like to come across a copy of it now!"

How fun has this been unwrapping authors' special books, books that have touched their hearts since childhood? There are many more submissions to come so keep tuned...  

What about you?  What was your favourite Christmas book as a child?  If not a Christmas one your favourite anytime all-time  book?  Please leave me a comment and let me know.  I would love to wrap up this theme by sharing my reader's special books.   Have an amazing day and thanks for visiting Storywraps today.

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