Friday, December 11, 2015

The Christmas Owl - a bookwrap


Authored by Angela Muse

Illustrated by Helen H. Wu

Ages 4-10

Unwrapping some illustrations...

The buzz on the book...

This delightful book will warm your heart and remind you about the true meaning of the Christmas.  Written in rhyme it tells of acts of kindness and the rewards of being sympathetic and hospitable to others.  

The story begins...

"One December day a bitter wind blew steady.
And snow fell thick like Jack Frost's confetti.

A young Barred owl had fallen from his perch.

Injured and cold for safe harbor he searched."

Cold and weak he finds he is too injured to fly so he needs to find shelter or else perish in the woods out on that freezing cold night.   

His journey leads him to a jack rabbit's den where he humbly asks if he can stay with him for one night.  Graciously the rabbit, though frighten, agrees to his request.  The rabbit shares some of his tasty carrots with his visitor and the little owl vows to repay his charitable actions.  

The next few days he is given refuge by a bat.  She shares her fruit treats and storybooks with her guest.  A small brown mouse takes pity on the shivering injured little fellow next and offers him the warmth of his home and some of his cheese.  Finally, feeling much better but not totally healed, the Owl asks a nearby duck if he can stay in her nest for one night only. The duck, showing great compassion agrees and the Owl settles himself into her warm, cozy nest and even dines on her worms and snails from the muck. 

The next day being Christmas Eve the Owl is true to his word and he gathers appropriate gifts for each animal to repay the kindness he has been shown.  To each of his rescuers he happily leaves a present with a thank you note expressing his gratitude to each one.  

What a beautiful story.  Kindness does beget kindness.  The illustrations are truly stunning.  They look like paintings that you would find in an art museum.  The painted textures and details are rich and gorgeous to behold.  I highly recommend this book.

About the author...

Angela was born in California to a military family. This meant that she got used to being the "new kid" in school every couple of years. It was hard trying to make new friends, but Angela discovered she had a knack for writing. In high school Angela began writing poetry and song lyrics. Expressing herself through writing seemed very natural. After becoming a Mom in 2003, Angela continued her storytelling to her own children. In 2009 she wrote and published her first rhyming children's book aimed at toddlers. Since then she has released several more children's picture books and released her first young adult romance series, The Alpha Girls.

Angela's husband, Ben Muse writes suspense/thriller books that can also be found on Amazon.

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